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It seems dreams really do come true, thanks to this amazing Kickstarter from Gerardo Orioli. This multifunctional coffee table takes it all the way back to 1972 when both Pong and Atari were kings of household gaming. According to the blurb on the Kickstarter page:

Atari PONG licensed us so we are bringing it back, in an original, stylish and super fun way!

The slick, futuristic homage to Pong brings back the sentimental yearning to once again pong on with all the mod-con bells and whistles.

I Need This In My Life

Credit: Gerardo Orioli
Credit: Gerardo Orioli

In a perfect nexus of old meets new, this Pong coffee table infuses the simplistic Atari console gameplay with sleek, modern features, such as:

  • A classic digital clock displayed on its top
  • USB ports mounted on the rack
  • Music streaming via Bluetooth,
  • Four USB charges
  • Use as an actual coffee table

An intense session of while playing Daft Punk's "Technologic" would be where it's at on any given day, for sure.

The Design Details

I've gotta hand it to Gerardo Orioli and his team — this Kickstarter pushes all the right buttons:

A lot of testosterone was involved in the attention for details to achieve that look and feel, neon and flash lights, the sounds (pew pew pew!), that dichotomy of untouchable but reachable and yet touchable but unreachable as a pinball machine. A multifunction table. Play, drop magazines, charge a cell phone and show actual time (as a VCR).

Credit: Gerardo Orioli
Credit: Gerardo Orioli

Tell Us The Price, Please

Unfortunately, there is always a high price for quality, and this is no exception. Forgetting all the nice-to-have contributions to receive a shirt or some Atari seating cubes (they are cool), the straight-to-the-jugular pledge for the coffee table will set you back — $1,290. Yikes!

Credit: Gerardo Orioli
Credit: Gerardo Orioli

From there upward, you can choose to pledge more to receive multiple tables, with a slight package saving the higher you go. For the super keen among us, you can order 10 of these bad boys for a lazy 9,000 nostalgic clams. Maybe a quick phone-around to your friends is called for on this one?

Time To Decide

Credit: Gerardo Orioli
Credit: Gerardo Orioli

I personally have my 40th birthday coming up. My wife has said a sports car is out of the question (not that I really wanted one). Maybe a $1,290 Pong coffee table is something to aim for instead? Please, babe!

Do you think you will get an Atari Pong coffee table? Let us know in the comments below.

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