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UPDATE – 09/28/16: The Fidget Cube is now at $5.2 million raised, with nearly 127,000 backers and still 21 days left to raise more.

The Fidget Cube will retail $25.00 USD and is currently available for $19.00 preorder. Fidgeters can buy the Fidget Cube on Kickstarter and later on AntsyLabs, as well as on eBay and on Amazon.

Do you absentmindedly click the back of your pen? Roll whatever knickknack is nearby in your hands? Just sort of fidget whenever you have something fidget-worthy? Then there's a good chance you've already heard rumblings of the Fidget Cube.

The aptly named cube is set to arrive in December for Kickstarter backers. For anyone looking to buy after the Kickstarter has ended, Antsy Labs has informed us that, while a decision regarding Fidget Cubes on Amazon isn't final, it's still likely it will make its way to Amazon:

"We haven't yet made any final decisions regarding retail outlets other than That being said, it is likely that we will sell it through our Amazon store."

Let me back up for a second, though. If you haven't heard about the Fidget Cube, let's just put it this way: I've had to update this article's title three times now because the Kickstarter for the little distraction has raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 just in the time writing this. It's a popular item, and you're gonna want one.

What Exactly Is The Fidget Cube?

It's a cube. Designed for fidgeting.

Okay, but really, Fidget Cube is designed with absentminded fidgeting specifically in mind. And not just one kind, but a plethora of fidgety activities (by which I mean six... because it's a cube). If you can't tell from the GIF above, those six activities are:

  • Clicking — with 3 buttons that make a clicking noise and 2 that are silenced
  • Gliding — for anyone who's ever put a joystick in their hands and had fun rotating it around
  • Flipping — because who among us hasn't flipped a light switch back and forth at least once?
  • Breathing — with a surface designed to feel like a worry stone to help calm anxiety
  • Rolling — which can be done via several gears or a metallic ball that also can be clicked
  • Spinning — if you like to rotate a flat surface in your hand

As a fidgeter myself, this is the sort of object I never knew I needed until I saw it — and then I had to have it. It's beautifully simplistic but also succinctly functional. It seems like the perfect solution to any and all nervous/subconscious habits, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Fidget Cube's Kickstarter Had a Goal of $15,000 — It's Up To Almost $3.7 Million (And Counting!)

This is the part where Fidget Cube's Kickstarter launches from just another surprising hit to actually being one of the most successful Kickstarters ever. See, with a goal that modest and a backing that high, the Fidget Cube is nearing 25,000 percent of its original goal raised.

Even ignoring this percentage for a moment, as of this writing, the Fidget Cube is #21 on the list of highest-funded Kickstarter Campaigns with 36 days left to go. Want to know how many days are left on Kickstarters 1 through 20? Zero.

For the record, some of the big-name Kickstarters sitting above Fidget Cube (for now, at least) are Mighty No. 9, the Reading Rainbow reboot, and the Veronica Mars movie project. By the end of their campaigns, those project raised roughly 3.8, 5.4, and 5.7 million dollars, respectively. I guarantee you at least one of those gets beaten (possibly by the time you read this).

So When Can We Get One?

Here's the thing: When you set a goal of $15,000 and then get the sort of response Fidget Cube has gotten, well... you're probably not entirely prepared for that sort of demand.

That said, the Kickstarter page still says that the Fidget Cube should be available this coming December. However, they're very open about this being a target and not a guarantee:

"While we will certainly be working non-stop to ensure we get every last backer reward shipped out as early as possible, our target delivery of December 2016 is just that - a target. If you’re familiar with the processes involved in bringing a product through development, you probably know that there are many factors that are outside of our control once we go to production. With our current timeline, we are extremely optimistic that we will be able to deliver before Christmas 2016. We will do everything in our power to avoid shipping later than our goal of December 2016, but this date is not a guarantee."

Creators Matthew and Mark McLachlan have been pretty open with their communication to be clear with their backers, stating that one of their main goals is to be "transparent with our community regarding timelines and delivery dates," which should come as good news to anyone familiar with the video game industry and the frustration that can come with a lack of developer communication.

If you want to snag one of these little guys, there are a few places to do so:

  • The most obvious is the Kickstarter page itself.
  • If you'd rather wait, Antsy Labs is sure to be selling them once they've officially released.
  • While there's no official Amazon page yet, this will likely be another place to purchase the Fidget Cube after it's launched.

Time will tell for sure where the Fidget Cube ultimately ends up in the annals of Kickstarter, but right now, it's looking good. And, if we're lucky, you might be able to snag a Fidget Cube by Christmas 2016.


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