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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is less than a month away, and in the most recent (and final) trailer for the game, we caught a glimpse at Aqua getting accessorized in the pause menu, not too dissimilar to the avatars in Kingdom Hearts Unchained: Chi.

You can watch the trailer here:

This is something people (and myself) have been wanting for a long time. Sure, it's fun playing as these characters, but it's also fun to make them look as stupid as possible while defeating heartless.


Oooooh so fancy (Source: Kingdom Hearts 2.8)
Oooooh so fancy (Source: Kingdom Hearts 2.8)

I mean, considering this is the stuff we saw in the 2.8 trailer, I wouldn't put it past to be using the game as a sort of testing grounds for what could work in Kingdom Hearts 3, after all that is basically what all of the other side games were for.

Well, that and making the story almost impossible to comprehend. Frankly I'll be okay with any accessories, but if we get a snowman head I will quite honestly pay $30 for just that DLC (I don't mean in a bundle — I will honestly drop an extra $30 just to watch Sora have super intense confrontations with Xehanort while wearing a snowman head).


Let's be honest, who wouldn't wear an Organization XIII cloak?
Let's be honest, who wouldn't wear an Organization XIII cloak?

Now, in the trailer we only see accessories, no actual outfit changes, however, Aqua never really had any outfit changes in Birth By Sleep either, so it's not really a huge surprise. But know who does have other outfits? Sora. Can we see alternate skins for Sora to use his Halloweentown costume in Twilight Town? Or his Timeless River skin in Olympus Coliseum? Hopefully.

One of the things people have been begging for in Kingdom Hearts 3, besides its release, is the ability to reuse outfits from specific worlds. On top of those obvious choices, who's to say we couldn't see more in the form of ?

Drive Forms

Holla at the Guard Form (Source: Square Enix)
Holla at the Guard Form (Source: Square Enix)

This one could make a couple people a little more than upset. Drive forms have been a very welcome addition in Kingdom Hearts 2, and the introduction of DLC drive forms can be really polarizing among fans, but bringing back some of the old drive forms could always be a possibility. I mean come on at the very least I want a DLC Master Form outfit because lets face it, who wouldn't want to rep some of those cool colors throughout the story.

What do you guys think about the idea of cosmetic Kingdom Hearts 3 DLCs? Would you download them if they were available? Let us know in the comments!


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