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The newest Kingdom Hearts III trailer opens with the line, "Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it…and dive in." Well, I imagine a world where KH3 is finally out and my wish seems to be coming true sooner than expected.

Unveiled at 's gaming showcase, the long-anticipated sequel is coming in 2018 (and because it's , expect that to mean late 2018) and thanks to a new partnership announced by series director Tetsuya Nomura, is helping to bring Toy Story to the game.

Team Up With Woody And Buzz Against Organization XIII

Joining the likes of Hercules, Tangled, and Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts III is the Toy Story franchise. Sora and friends will team up with Buzz and Woody to save the rest of Andy's toys from a "mysterious" hooded figure, Young Xehanort. And in keeping with the series' tradition, Sora, Donald and Goofy will be getting new forms to match the setting: Yup, they're toys now.

Credit: Disney/Square Enix
Credit: Disney/Square Enix

From what the trailer shows, Andy's room, Andy's yard, and the arcade all appear as locations the player will have to save from hordes of Heartless. If that weren't enough, Buzz and Woody will join in on the action, and, unlike past games where players would have to swap out Donald or Goofy for a world-specific guest character, will add to your party's active total. This means Buzz, Woody, Goofy, Donald, and Sora will be a part of the fray at all times. Battles are sure to be crazy.

As Always, There's More To Come

Of course, it wouldn't be a Kingdom Hearts reveal without the news of more to come soon. At the end of the panel Nomura was sure to let fans know that more news will be coming at a later date, including more on the gameplay and new worlds.

Since the last console release (Kingdom Hearts 2), has acquired Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. With the former two having finally received their own worlds with Big Hero 6 and , hopefully we can expect some sort of Star Wars reveal next year. Regardless, we won't have to wait much longer to find out, because Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming next year—a phrase I can't stop saying.

Are you excited to visit Buzz and Woody when Kingdom Hearts III arrives next year? Let me know your thoughts and what other worlds you're hoping to see in the comments below!


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