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We love video games. We love tasty, cheap food. But since the dawn of the century, these two concepts have not intermingled. True, we may have whet our appetites on the sweet nectar of this so-called "fast food" whilst engaging in a riotous bout of gaming before, but what I'm talking about is not mere coexistence, but a complete amalgamation of chemical properties, the acknowledgement of one by the other, a synthesis.

That, my gaming compatriots, has never happened... until today.

Before you get your hopes up, no, Sora won't be bouncing around in any Arby's-themed lands any time soon (though can you imagine if he did?), but something almost equally as momentous appeared innocently on the Arby's Facebook wall at precisely 5:00 p.m. on the 12th of September.

Kingdom Hearts + Arby's = QualiKEY Food...

Image source:
Image source:

That succulent bun, that crisp lettuce, that delectable sauce—

—ah, right, the key.

Yes, that is none other than a carefully crafted, cardboard cut-out of a Kingdom Hearts keyblade complete with jaunty Arby's insignia on the chain. Just in case you weren't able to detect the reference, they've even accompanied the image with the words "Thinking of you, wherever you are," an iconic quote from the second game in the series and part of Kairi's letter to Sora.

If this doesn't make me wanna start patronizing Arby's, I don't know what would. Unfortunately, I'm in Germany (don't cry for me, classic roast beef sandwich...).

Now, this might be enough to give one their daily chuckle, but it doesn't end here. One fan's response to the image is equal parts hilarity and equal parts bitter accuracy.

Commentary at its sharpest, my friends.

Mr. Harrington's satirical inquiry no doubt mirrors the same thoughts plaguing the hearts of Kingdom Hearts fans across the globe (and did you really have to release all those games on so many different systems?!).

Nevertheless, there's nothing we can do as gamers but wait, think up new worlds, dream of bigger things, drown our tears in an Angus Three Cheese & Bacon sandwich...

...and laugh along with the Arby's marketing team.

Nice one, Arby's.
Nice one, Arby's.


Have you been having these weird thoughts lately? Like, is any of this for real... or not? Or are you just hungry? We wanna know.


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