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The never-ending wait for is enough to drive a reasonable man mad. Will the game we've all been waiting for finally hit the shelves next year? Or will we be forced to suffer through yet another year of bleak, dreary darkness (to use Kingdom Hearts vocabulary).

Unfortunately, I'm not here with an answer to this question, nor can I in any way make that tantalizing release date move any closer. What I can do, however, is help you forget, for just one moment (or perhaps a few minutes) how much the Kingdom Hearts 3-shaped hole in our hearts pains us more with each passing day. Nothing like a good laugh to forget that cruel feeling of incompletion, am I right? Just don't succumb to .

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From the Side-Slapping to the Oh-So-True, These Kingdom Hearts Funnies Will Help Take Your Minds off the Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

1. Tbh, I'm not even sure that would help...

2. Gamer Logic vs Game Logic

3. Sora's had enough of your crap, Donald

4. You know what to do with that big fat butt

5. Draw me like one of your French girls


7. Nailed it!

8. For once, I actually agree with you, Donald

9. The fact that this could be a legit Kingdom Heart title has me worried

10. Kingdom Hearts 69: Birth by Unprotected Sex

11. Rated H for Honest

12. Dream Dropout Distance

13. What big hands you have!

14. American Hearts

15. And finally...

What are YOU doing to keep from going crazy waiting for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know!


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