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We've seen what the internet thinks a BioShock Big Daddy would look like without its suit and we've seen an unfortunate number of realistic Pokémon as well. In terms of emotionally upsetting video game reimaginings, you would think we've gone everywhere we need to go with that. Jokes on you though! A French art student apparently has other things in mind for our memories of Kirby.

Kirby Takes Off Its Shoes To Reveal Human Feet In This Fan-Made Comic Strip

Kirby with human feet! [Credit: Marie Blue]
Kirby with human feet! [Credit: Marie Blue]

Marie Blue was just Skyping with friends when they began to wonder what they might find if Kirby were to remove his shoes. At first, the thought was a little too horrifying—a Kirby with human features would be strikingly out of place in the round and colorful universe Nintendo has created. But the idea grew on Marie as the conversation progressed and the comic strip was born!

Because this is the internet, Marie's comic has already become the inspiration for what seems like an endless chain of other fan-created human-like Kirby monstrosities like these:

and, uh, this:

It seems like we are far from the end of this trend. If this is nightmare fuel for you like it is for me, you can always go thank Marie for the good times on the original comic strip post on Twitter.

In the meantime, cleanse your soul with the trailer for Kirby's latest adventure, Kirby: Planet Robobot:


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