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The brutal and kick ass world that brought us Kratos and all his bloody mayhem is due to return to our consoles this year. But there's been a twist in the plot line that we saw in the trailer for the game that was released in late 2016. Kratos's son has been named, or actually might be, a brother–killing king of Greece.

Shocking, I know. The deep lying heritage behind the God Of War series will still be present in the latest offering, despite the setting seemingly taking a more Nordic approach. His son is called Atreus—well we assume he's Kratos's son anyway. The game's director, Cory Barlog, confirmed this tasty bit of information via his Twitter page.

This reveal came after one fan decided to delve deep into the game's trailer and find that the mp3 audio files metadata has Atreus's name inserted into it. Now I know we are not all clued up on our Greek mythology, so we'll provide you with a quick lesson which you can whip out at the next quiz night to wow everyone you know.

Who Is Atreus?

Atreus was the son of Pelops, the grandson of Zeus. So he is closely related to Kratos (fictional) who was revealed to be one of Zeus's many illegitimate children. Atreus was banned from his homeland after he was discovered to have murdered one of his bothers in a power play. During his travels he eventually grew to become the king of Mycenae. The family drama drew and soon resembled a Ancient Greek version of Jerry Springer, involving events such as murder, betrayal, and incest—in other words, typical Greek mythology.


Whether this young boy is in fact Atreus or not, we don't know for sure. I am sure this information will be revealed in the coming months as the lure surrounding the game continues to evolve. Kratos may have just been fond of the name for all we know, many people are now named after Greek Gods, its become some what of a fashion trend, so Kratos might have been the originator of this.

God Of War is known for slightly bending the stories when it comes to it's characters and Greek mythology roots. This is evident when Kratos beheads Helios in God Of War 3 and chooses to use his head as a flashlight.

Whoever this mysterious child turns out to be, we don't know much about the mother. One can hope there is a vast storyline to this which gets explored in a manner similar to the storytelling in The Last Of Us, but they may just curveball us all with the simple, “She died,” explanation. We sure hope that is not the case, but as the lure expands for this game we are growing ever more excited for its eventual release date.

Are you excited for the new God of War? What do you think of Atreus's origin?


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