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Nioh is the smash hit action RPG by Koei-Tecmo's Team Ninja. To survive the brutal world of Sengoku era feudal Japan, you'll need your wits about you and more than a few friends. Who are these friends you ask? Why, the little green guys with bowls on their head!

The Definitive Guide To Every Kodama Location In The Kyushu Region Of 'Nioh'

Luckily, you've got us to help you out. We're doling out guides on everything in , including the basics of combat, how to beat bosses like Onryoki and Hino-Enma, and how to unlock all the Guardian Spiritsde. You've also got your little friends, the Kodama, who will bless you with friendly, helpful magics for just a little bit of gold. Unfortunately, you'll have to find them first, but we're going to help with that as well. To start, we've got the locations of every Kodama in the Kyushu region. Plus videos courtesy of Youtube user Super Milkbox.

Isle Of Demons

  • Kodama #1 - Head up the main path and take the first right up a small hill. You'll fight two bandits; look behind a cart in the little outdoor shelter on the left side of the area. He's there.
  • Kodama #2 - Follow the path into the woods, past the village full of bandits (the village should be on your right, go straight to the darker area). Once in the woods, turn right, then left up a steep but short slope to an otherwise unreachable patch of grass with two smaller trees and a larger one. The Kodama will be hanging out at the base of the larger tree.
  • Kodama #3 - From the previous Kodama's location, you'll be able to see a little shelter with a corpse in it. Drop down, face the shelter, then turn left and follow the path. You'll reach a fork in the road, to the right is the ladder shortcut to the first shrine, to the left are two zombie yokai and your third Kodama.
  • Kodama #4 - Head back to the shelter with the corpse, take the right-hand path this time, you'll find yourself in a fenced off square with several bandits and a house in the middle that contains an Oni. Skirt the perimeter until you find a small gap in the fence, go through it and immediately look to your left, the fourth Kodama is hiding here.
  • Kodama #5 - Grab the key to the residence and proceed into the burning village. Follow the path a third of the way down the slope towards the next shrine. You should see a rocky outcropping below, drop down and grab the Kodama.
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
  • Kodama #6 - Head into the burning village proper and proceed along the first rooftop section. When you reach the end of the first section, there'll be a wooden platform and a ladder leading down into a house. The Kodama is hiding under the platform on the roof.
  • Kodama #7 - Continue through the village until you reach the entrance to the beach, there'll be a bandit standing on a raised platform between two watchtowers. Head up there, kill the bandit and drop down from the left watchtower (if you're facing the beach). From this rooftop, drop onto the slightly lower shed roof, where the seventh Kodama will be hiding.
  • Kodama #8 - Head onto the beach and turn left, you'll see a path leading towards a cave, don't go down it. Instead, skirt the water to the right of the path, the Kodama will be hanging out there.
  • Kodama #9 - Go back to the beach entrance and take the right-hand path instead of the left. You'll pass an archer and a spear-wielding samurai. Head up the hill, go past the shortcut, to the right, where the last Kodama waits.

Deep In The Shadows

  • Kodama #10 - From the first shrine, follow the path until you come to a large circular room with two natural stone pillars. Head through the opening on the right side of the ground level. Then right through the next opening, the Kodama is hanging out next to a chest.
  • Kodama #11 - Proceed through the tunnel under the scaffolding until you see an opening on the right side of the tunnel. Kill the two Samurai in there and pick up the boss room key. Return to the large round room and open the previously locked door at the top of the ramp. Kill the boss samurai and grab the Kodama from beside the chest.
  • Kodama #12 - Go back under the scaffolding and follow the tunnel until you reach the outdoors, turn left and follow the path past the hot spring. The alcove just before the opening to the second shrine holds a chest and a Kodama.
  • Kodama #13 - From the second shrine, follow the tunnel until you come to a room full of glowing mushrooms. There's a Kodama hiding in a patch of mushrooms glowing by the top left wall.
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
[Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
  • Kodama #14 - Turn around, go back the way you came and take the first right, you'll come to a little ledge over another area full of glowing mushrooms. Drop down onto a patch of mushrooms, the Kodama is hiding in the second patch on the left down the tunnel.
  • Kodama #15 - Continue along until you come to a large, open cavern. Go down the ladder to the left, defeat the large, axe-wielding undead and go to the end of the outcrop to find the Kodama.
  • Kodama #16 - At the bottom of the large, open cavern, you'll find two small side caves through gaps in the stone. The first contains a cluster of crystals, smash them to find the Kodama inside.
  • Kodama #17 - The second small cave contains a chest, walk up to it, then turn 180 degrees, the kodama is hiding by some rocks to the left.

The Spirit Stone Slumbers

  • Kodama #18 - From the first shrine, go straight, then left at the end of the 'street'. Cross two bridges to get to the second small island, then turn left at the broken bridge and run along the tree trunk. The Kodama is there.
  • Kodama #19 - From the broken bridge, turn right instead of left and run in a straight line until you pass a house and hit the edge of the level. There's a Kodama hiding in the roots of the tree.
  • Kodama #20 - Turn around and go around the right side of the house. Turn right before the second lamp and run until you see another house, there's a narrow path to the left of it with a Kodama hiding at the end.
  • Kodama #21 - Emerge from the narrow path and turn right. Run straight ahead, through the area where the two oni patrol, until you pass a giant building with a tree leading up to the second floor. Turn right when you pass the building and you'll see a tiny shrine by the wall. The Kodama is hiding behind the shrine.
  • Kodama #22 - Once you defeat the boss, continue into the next room, talk to the woman and perform the "Sorry!" gesture to her familiar. Before you step on the elevator to proceed, look behind the crank next to the elevator. There's a Kodama hiding there.
  • Kodama #23 - From the first shrine in the catacombs, head up the stairs. Turn right at the top, then follow the path through a small room, then two larger rooms with stone square platforms blocking the centre. You'll enter a room with a stone sentry in it, a doorway to the left and stairs to the right. Turn left, then left again, then left one more time. You'll find the Kodama sitting on the ground. Watch out for the trap, which will shoot flaming arrows at you.
  • Kodama #24 - Return to the sentry room and go up the stairs, follow the path and take the stairs to the left of the flaming yokai head. Down to the second shrine, turn right just before the shrine, then left. A stone sentry is guarding a short set of stairs. Kill the sentry and collect the Kodama opposite the stairs.
  • Kodama #25 - Head up the stairs and turn left, then right, then right again. Proceed up another flight of stairs, turn left at the top and follow the path until you drop down a ledge into a small room with a lot of sentry statues. Cross the room and head down the hallway, watching out for the trap. Turn right at the trap and run straight until you hit two sets of stairs heading up. Ascend the stairs, go straight until the end of the hall, turn right, then left, there'll be a pile of rubble with a yokai hiding behind it. Kill the yokai and head through the hole in the wall to find the last Kodama.

You did it! Only three more regions to go!

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