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Developer of , Christine Love (Love Conquers All Games), has recently taken to Twitter to announce an update for the game that, while giggle-inducing, may make the game a bit more accessible for players that aren't as privy to the Lady Killer's extensive nudity.

Lady Killer In A Blind: Christmas Sweaters Are All You Need To Make Sex Safe For Work

One of the changes in the update that's generating a bit of a stir is the added ability for players to have nudity and BDSM gear covered up with holiday sweaters. You may be wondering how much this could really change the game, especially considering that Lady Killer In A Bind is itself a big fat NSFW trip.

Wait, What IS This Game?

Ladykiller In A Bind is an erotic novel about a lesbian that ends up crossdressing and pretending to be her brother on some sort of post-graduation celebration cruise with his classmates. Your standard life experience. Naturally, it is a game with no shortage of sex, scandals and manipulation–qualities that people have come to love and expect from Christine Love's work.


While the sweaters are certainly stealing the show, it appears that this large update includes other noteworthy changes that current and potential players will really appreciate including:

  • The option to skip sex scenes
  • Clarification of in-game text (context warnings and speech)
  • The ability to view the choices that others made.

While there's a bit of covering up going on, there is also some transparency being introduced via the ability to see how others are playing. Not too much transparency though—the response data is collected anonymously so no one will know, for example, whether you were honest about your secret from the start or played the long con. (Oh, you scoundrel!)


So, whether it's out of personal preference or just a desire to make the game a little more comfortable to play in public (do people still play in libraries?), it seems like the game is ready to accommodate these needs with a few Christmas jumpers.

If you're interested in trying on a few holiday sweaters yourself, Ladykiller In A Bind is available on Mac, Windows and Linux via HumbleBundle.

You can also read Christine's full "changelog" tweet here.

What do you think the cover-up outfit should be once Spring comes around?


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