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It's a sexy, sweaty summer in 1980 and five friends are looking forward to spending their vacation as counselors at the newly re-opened local summer camp. But instead of fun in the Sun, they find themselves on the run from a murderous, undying psychopath that lurks in the surrounding woods.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that's the premise of Last Friday, a new board game from Escape Studios. Basically with the serial numbers filed off, it brings the iconic slasher scenario to your tabletop. Could this be the perfect game to accompany a night of beer, pizza and fright flicks?

Kill Your Friends, They Never Liked You Anyway

'Last Friday' [Credit: Escape Studios]
'Last Friday' [Credit: Escape Studios]

While most of the players control the five camp counselors, one player takes on the role of the homicidal maniac, an immortal force of evil determined to kill them all. Unlike The Walking Dead board game, in which the zombies aren't fully player-controlled, Last Friday lets you revel in the role of the monster. Kind of like Slayaway Camp, Last Friday pays loving homage to its movie roots with an unusual 4-act structure designed to deliver a cinematic experience.

Each of the 4 chapters play out somewhat differently:

  • Chapter 1: The counselors must flee the killer when he appears at night.
  • Chapter 2: In the daylight, the survivors try and chase him down.
  • Chapter 3: Protect the Predestined counselor from the slasher's vengeance.
  • Chapter 4: In which the Predestined attempts to finally kill the maniac for good.

At least, that's how the plot is supposed to go. But the bad guy has other plans, and a wicked sharp machete, and the ability to make secret movements, so it's entirely possible for the slasher to win the game by taking down enough counselors from the shadows.

Last Friday: The Perfect Board Game For '80s Horror Fans?

The experience of a board game trying to replicate the genre experience of watching a film is pretty cool, but one of the results is that this game is definitely feature-length. Each chapter can take over half an hour to play through, and gives bonuses to the counselors or the killer in the next one depending on how they perform.

All in all, not a game for the faint-hearted, when it comes to slasher stories or board games. But it could be perfect for '80s slasher fans craving an interactive camp slayfest, at least until Illfonic's Friday The 13th video game finally comes out.

Check out Jason's awesome killing power in the trailer for the upcoming Friday The 13th video game:

With its 4-part structure and somewhat complex rules, Last Friday might prove a little too difficult for casual gamers to engage with for over two hours, but for serious horror fans who know the genre well, it's perfect for a gruesome get-together. You can pick the game up here if you feel like giving this summer slashfest a go.

What are your favorite horror board games?



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