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A new leak has emerged online that apparently sheds new light upon Naughty Dog's next Last of Us game. According to this leak from an 'unknown magazine,' The Last of Us 2 will release in 2018, is set five years after the events of the original and will star an older, more mature Ellie.

“Ellie [has] grown up and got more mature, just as the player did, and you will see that through her journey.”

The leak comes in the form of a scanned image from a magazine page. According to the supporting information, the article written within this ‘unknown magazine’ was originally meant to be published just after the game's big reveal at E3 2016.

But as Naughty Dog, apparently, pulled the game from the line-up at the last minute, the article was pulled from the publication and scrapped. This scan came from a pre-published copy.

The Last of Us 2 Magazine Leak


The article even features interview segments from apparent conversations held with game director, Neil Druckmann and producer Bruce Straley.

The information given here suggests that the game will be another large scale adventure that flirts with the boundaries of sandbox without being totally free roaming. Expect to be able to explore “city scaled areas.”

“The gameplay freedom is huge, we want the players to be creative and explore these mechanics as much as possible using anything they have at their disposal in each location.”

It also details, specifically, that our protagonist is an independent young woman, now 19 years old. Ellie will tackle new, large scale puzzle problems as well as new enemies. It would seem that she has taken everything that Joel taught her in the original and used it to transform herself into a true grit, survivor.

The producer goes on to say that this will be a game of personal evolution and growth for our protagonist. Ellie will develop as a character and may even have to look after others in a similar way that Joel did for her.

This latest leak suggests that the next Last of Us game will be a sequel and not a prequel as some are suggesting. The article ends with a suggestion that Naughty Dog's Last of Us 2 will be “a story of revelations and answers.”

But, is this leak in anyway credible?

Let's look at the facts, which seem to suggest this article is fake. First off, it is stereotypically out of focus. Two, looking at the sheer scale of grammatical errors that riddle the write up, this alone raises enough doubt towards its authenticity.

Three, it is way too convenient that we don’t have a name for this so called ‘unnamed magazine’. This is certainly a good attempt, but falls short on the basics in my opinion. I recommend you take this information with a large (JCB sized) pinch of salt—as good as some of the details do sound.

In other Last of Us news, we have been assured by Sony and Naughty Dog that The Last of Us Remastered will support native 4K gameplay on the PS4 Pro.

PS4 4K Gameplay:

What do you want from the next instalment of The Last of Us? Time to get those ideas out there!

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