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The latest Final Fantasy XV update is live, and with it comes improvements to the game's most divisive segment: Chapter 13. The developers have buffed up Noctis's ring magic and more importantly added a new playable section titled: Chapter 13, Verse 2. Accessed from the "special" tab from the main menu, players take of control Gladiolus as he and Ignis search for the prince.

While this new area may serve as little more than a demo for Episode Gladiolus releasing this week, there are new story cutscenes, one in particular that seems to take a light jab at President .

Before we dive into SPOILER territory, check out trailer below showcasing all that's in the March update.

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The Empire Likes Their "Alternative Facts"

Earlier in the main game, Noctis and Co are told by Aranea, an ex-imperial mercenary, that the daemons are afraid of the Crystal, as such, the presence of the Crystal would cause daemons to flee.

This information was proven false as the enemies encountered in Chapter 13 are all daemons trying to reach the crystal. Upon discovering the fallacy of this information in Verse 2, Ignis expresses that the Imperial claims about daemons are "alternative facts", pictured below.

It's subtle and fits the context of the situation. However, given the exact choice of words along with the quotations around the phrase, it all seems very self-aware of what was just said, making you wonder, did just take a shot at the Trump Administration?

Ultimately, if this is a joke it's left more ironic when the image below appears after you clear the new segment.

Episode Gladiolus is currently scheduled for a March 28th release—it's March 26th at the time of writing—in other words it's not "Available Now." Fake News anyone?

Trump called it this time.
Trump called it this time.

Oh well. Whatever 's intentions are, at least we got new free story content out of this - as if the plot wasn't already enough of a deep dive.

Are you a fan of the update? Be sure to check out the Episode Gladiolus trailer above and let me know if you'll be playing the newest add-on.

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