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Pop quiz time!

Imagine that you make an app that's so popular, it was downloaded over 100 million times in its first month of its existence. It has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, and the PokeGods only know how much it's made off of revenue from in-game ads. On top of that, you've figured out a way to get an entire generation of gaming, computer-loving kids off their collective butts and out into the world.

So, now what do you do?

Apparently, if you're Niantic, you put someone who still uses a rotary phone in charge of making changes to an app for a friggin' smartphone.

And if the last two updates to the app are any indication, Niantic could be digging their own grave.

Nail #1 – No More Third Party Tracking Tools

This is fairly old news, but the company decided to lay the hammer down on all third party trackers, along with making it even pretty much impossible to cheat. The cheating thing, I'm down with that. But instead of making the tracking feature on their OWN app better, they left it alone, and made it impossible for anyone else to enhance the tracking experience.

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There was plenty of uproar, too. Not The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale levels of uproar, but pretty close. So what does a company do when it ticks off half its customer base?

Nail #2 – No More Spawning Or Sightings While You're Driving

They just up and go drive another nail in. It's almost like they want to stop making money. So strange.

Now, if you're in a moving car, and it's going faster than the driving speed, there will be no Pokemon catching. Which is a great idea...IF YOU'RE DRIVING AND PLAYING. Forget about the passengers, Niantic.

Sure, all those Uber drivers people pay to drive them all over the place at the required speed, that still works just fine. Unless they go one mile per hour over the allowed speed, then you're going to have to ask for a refund.

What about Pokemon Go players who ride their bike too fast, or are on a bus and just want to kill some time, you might ask? Sounds like they're screwed too.

According to Forbes, Niantic hasn't replied to their request to verify whether this is an update or just a bug, so there's still hope that it's just a glitch.

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Whatever's going on, Niantic seems to have stopped caring about fun and/or useful updates that actually keep their game on the map, like the buddy system. Which sucks, because unlike Farmville, this is actually an app that got kids, big and little alike, out of their chairs and outside.


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