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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play the fast-paced arena shooter Lawbreakers that PC gamers have been taking to over the past year? Fear not, as of today, our former creator Cliffy B has not been shy about what is coming to the currently in closed-beta PC game.

According to his Tweets, Cliffy B has openly come out to say that this high-end game will run at a steady 60fps On PlayStation 4. However, he did give you a reason to facepalm at him, just as I had. His last statement about it coming to Sony's ? It won't feature cross-play, because the feature is "dumb".

Sadly, his opinion is quite easily backed by Gaijin's CEO who said that cross-play between the two platforms will never be possible. Wait, what? Not possible? Hold that thought for a second.

Lawbreakers Won't Have Cross-Play Because... Why? It's "Dumb."

[Credit: Boss Key Productions/Nexon]
[Credit: Boss Key Productions/Nexon]

If you remember, PC to Console cross-play has been a rather fickle matter between current generation consoles and PC. It's a topic that seems almost taboo for most game companies. Cliff Blezinski has openly stated that he thinks cross-play is dumb. Whatever his reasoning is behind it, there's no doubt it must be behind the ideology that PC gamers would and could very well have a rather large advantage against console players. Y'know, with mouse and keyboard accuracy and all.

Fortunately, it has been proven that this is not the case. If you've ever taken note, there are games that do support the use of both mouse and keyboard or just keyboard. Games such as Paragon, Rocket League, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Final Fantasy XIV are among the few that do support this feature. We're seemingly on the verge of bridging the gap between console and PC gaming.

Lawbreakers Will be at E3 2017 for PlayStation 4

With Boss Key Productions and the publisher Nexon working together, we can be sure they will be showcasing the PlayStation 4 version for the first time to the press as well as the public.

We can also expect to see the release date for the upcoming PC and PlayStation 4 versions. Also? Just remember, Blezinski also announced that the game will have no Season Pass and that all future content updates will remain free. Of course, you can imagine, the game will make up those costs with "robust offerings of cosmestics," much like Blizzard's smash-hit title Overwatch.

What Do You Think? Is Cross-Play Between Console and PC Dumb?


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