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Big news has hit League Of Legends. The games in Spring Split 2017 will now feature a total of 10 champion bans instead of the usual 6. Developer has decided to go ahead with implementing a change to increase to the number of champions that each team can ban in an attempt to broaden champ pools and counter the ever-changing meta.

The future of ranked and normal queues will depend on how this change works, taking into account community feedback, but it's likely that something new will surface later on in 2017 when Season 7 is in full swing.

The League Of Legends 10 Champion Ban System Works Like This

Currently each team gets three alternating bans each given to the bottom three players in the champion select, to balance the top two players getting to choose their champs first.

In Professional games the order within your team doesn't matter too much as the bans and champion picks are a team effort between both the players and coaches, but the issues arise with the choices of the opposition.

This new system will add a new element in how teams try to form a favorable composition as it places a second banning phase after some champions have already been selected.

As you can see, the new system cuts the pick phase into two after each team has made three bans and chosen three champions each.

How Will It Affect Pro Games?

There's a fair amount of complexity in the effect of these new phases. For example, those wanting to build a certain team comp can now be shut down without the opponents having to use a champion pick to do so. If one team chooses Yasuo, then they'll have to pick some knock-up champions within the first three picks or risk having stronger ones taken away in 'Ban Phase 2'.

This could be dealt with by leaving Yasuo to the last phase of picks, but then the team runs the risk of the opponents choosing him themselves.

A challenge which will be specific to Pro-play (or very high level players) is that teams can now ban more of the champions that the other players are proficient at. Players will need a larger pool of champs to deal with more bans which may be targeted at them in an attempt to handicap the team.

All-in-all this new system really will bring out new strategic decisions and likely a greater variety of champs played in the professional scene. This may split fans, with some enjoying new champion choices and others deciding that meta rotations are enough to keep things fresh and different between each competition.

What Happens When It Reaches Regular Play?

It sounds like Riot will implement some form of this new system into regular play at some point in 2017, but it won't be until after the Spring Split (which starts on the 20th Jan) as they want to analyze how it works in practice.

An issue may arise when you're in solo queue and have been given last pick. You now have to find a champion to play after ten have been banned, and nine have been picked. This is a big problem for those who don't have a large champion pool and an even bigger challenge for players such as Annie Bot who tries to stick to his beloved champ.

You'll be in a stronger position when queueing with people you know, especially if you can voice chat to them too. You'll be able to coordinate to an extent and pick the high-priority champions first and swap when the pick and ban phase is over.

This can also be attempted when solo, but it's much harder to effectively communicate when problems arise and you have to trust the teammates to switch with you. It may sound easy but not everyone is a team player.

If you're worried about how the new system will affect you, here are some options to consider:

  • Reach out to Riot and let them know your opinion and if you have any suggestions as to how you'd want to see it implemented in non-professional games.
  • Stay in touch with the meta. Knowing what champs to ban and what's likely to be picked is important in making this change work for you.
  • Try in advance to broaden your playable pool of champions, perhaps by looking at different resources to learn them.
  • Accept your doomed fate.

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