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Nintendo's Switch presentation is closing in on us. In a few days, we'll know whether or not has managed to stick the landing with its upcoming console's launch line-up. But, naturally, being this close to the announcement means "leaks" are starting to filter in and invade the various corners of the internet.

Take, for example, a set of recent images which purports to have a list of Switch titles and the release dates associated with them. These images are fakes (more on that in a second), but they're a good example of just how strong the Switch's line-up has the potential to be.

But First, How Do We Know They're Fake?

Every so often, there are fake leaks that genuinely fool the internet to such a degree that gaming outlets have to reach into the void and ask mysterious "contacts" for the validity of the leaks. But in a lot of cases, there are some pretty easy signposts to look for when spotting fakes.

Let's look at the two images above:

  • The images don't even feature the same line-up or formatting.
  • Anytime an image is blurry or obscured in weird ways — as the left image is — there's probably something fishy going on.

  • The image on the right (especially noticeable in the top-right corner) features the same sorts of ripples you'd see from an inkjet printer — i.e., the kind much more likely to be used in someone's home than by a big-name company.
  • Games we know more about already have more specific info. For example, "Splatoon: Switch Edition" works within the confines of a title on the Switch, but is a much broader title than Breath of the Wild, which we already know to be the official title.

Even without a side-by-side to all but confirm these as fakes, the images by themselves feature enough evidence to dismiss them. Not to mention, if these images were real, it's likely that well-known sources of legitimate info wouldn't be reminding everyone to be wary of fakes.

Fake Or Not, The Switch Line-Up Has The Potential To Be The Best Ever

People began speculating from the very moment the Switch trailer first showed us small teasers with big potential. From atypical third-party support bringing games like to the Switch, all the way to something that looks an awful lot like a Mario title akin to Galaxy or Sunshine, fans couldn't help but feel like something good was coming.

However, until January 12th rolls around, we won't actually know what titles the console will see at launch. But what we do know is that there's a lot of opportunity here.

I mentioned it above, but the fact that the closest we've had to a 3D Mario title is Mario 3D World means we're long overdue for a more expansive, open-world-esque entry. Similarly, Kirby only saw one new release for the entirety of the Wii U's lifespan, and it happened to be a side-scroller. Not to mention, Miyamoto has stated a few times that a new Pikmin game was in the works (though it's unclear whether he meant the upcoming 3DS title or not).

In addition to the above, we've also seen images from a new Mario Kart title and a new Splatoon title, heard rumors of another Pokémon entry and a potential Mario/Rabbids RPG crossover, and a whole lot more. Oh, and in case it needed mentioning, Breath of the Wild is almost assuredly a launch title. What I'm saying is, a lot of Nintendo's key franchises are overdue for a big-game release.

More Importantly, The Switch Launch Needs To Be Successful

It's easy to get excited and read into the signs too much. After all, even though we've seen or heard hints of potential games, there's no telling when Nintendo actually plans to launch them. We may want them at launch, but that doesn't necessarily make them ready for launch.

But they kind of need to be; Nintendo needs the Switch to have a solid launch. Go ahead and ask someone about their favorite Wii U launch titles. Chances are, they don't have an answer, or they maybe remember ZombiU. That's because the Wii U's launch was, to be blunt, abysmal.

There are other reasons the Wii U hasn't been considered a successful console, but a recurring answer when you ask someone about its shortcomings is the launch line-up. There just weren't any big-name games there to make it interesting or worth purchasing, and if Nintendo makes the same mistake with the Switch, it could go down in gaming history as the biggest flop ever. They need this, we need this. Bring on January 12th.

What titles do you hope to see at the Switch's launch?

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