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Snuck in between all the fantastic Switch news, Nintendo posted three new gameplay trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game debuted at the start of Nintendo's first look at the Switch, giving everyone a small taste of what's to come. Now we have a little bit more to see.

Two of the videos focus on gameplay, giving us our first look at the world in depth. We watch Link run around exploring Hyrule, jumping, diving, and even cooking. In the second video, Link shows off combat by firing arrows, attacking enemies with fiery clubs, and rolling a boulder down a hill to smash a couple unfortunate monsters.

The third shows the myriad weather effects in the game. We start off with a peaceful view of a tree on the plain, which quickly turns to rain and a bout of lightning. The weather passes, showing the movement of clouds and a gentle breeze, along with the passage of time for day and night.

The videos are currently unlisted on Nintendo's YouTube channel.

Last we heard, the Zelda release date may have accidentally been leaked when Amiibos were listed on the French Nintendo site. The initial date was set for March of 2017, which coincidentally is also the date announced today for the Switch, giving credibility to a dual release.

'The Legend of Zelda' on the Nintendo Switch
'The Legend of Zelda' on the Nintendo Switch

Here are the three videos in all their unbridled glory.

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