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We have been burned too many times by video game movies, and although there have been some decent ones, they never seem to truly encapsulate the spirit of the properties they're based on.

However, animation studio EmberLab has created this CGI standalone short film to show what a Legend of Zelda movie could look like in 2017, and suddenly all my hope has returned...

The Power Of Majora's Mask

There's a palpable sense of evil throughout the short, as the mask's fiery gaze seems impossible to resist. You'd be tempted to put it on, right?

A Lonely 'Skull Kid'

A short and sweet setup gives the antagonist-to-be some depth. This short displays that sometimes all you need is a few well-thought-out scenes to give the audience a great understanding of a character.

A Less Creepy 'Happy Mask Salesman'

He's still hiding some secrets, but Happy Mask Salesman doesn't seem quite as unnerving in this video. Then again, he may come out with a characteristically weird outburst if they decide to make more of these.

A Couple Of Tatl Taels

Skull Kid's fairy companions, Tatl and Tael, dance about a beautiful forest. It'd be interesting to see how they interact with Link as he tries to save Termina.

The Moon Will Crash...

This short just goes to show how amazing it could be if a Majora's Mask film was to be made. Considering how popular the franchise is and with Breath of the Wild set to be a huge success on the new Nintendo Switch console, I very much see a market for it.

Please, Nintendo, let us have this dream realized?

Here's the short in its glorious entirety:


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