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Legends of the Brawl is a welcome return to a bygone era of gaming. It takes place in a 3D world with missions that allow up to four players simultaneously. This is a most welcome feature as the majority of games today hardly even have local multiplayer!

With Legend of the Brawl, the developer happily share updates and videos on their progress over at . It's very exciting to see all the details put into this game. With an original setup, using historical figures to get through levels with friends, you can play towards the goal or just goof off. With such a great team behind it, it's no surprise this title got Steam Greenlit.

Greenlight Confirmed
Greenlight Confirmed

No DPS Here

There was just enough information given out about the game to show that it is not based on a DPS (damage per second) system, similarly to Dark Souls. It's more about the skill with your character and how you use him/her. The 3D World also enhances the gameplay with just enough enemies to have some fun. The graphic designers on the Darktonic team progressively put lots of work into the designs on everything.

The art style is very visually appealing
The art style is very visually appealing

What's the story line?

Until the game releases we will not have any information on the story line other than Teddy Roosevelt and Rasputin have a play in it, with Rasputin being an evil sorcerer. In the near future when the game comes out, hopefully it will be exciting to players looking for a fresh, new kind of game. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Multiplayer and master audio

The game recently over the past few months has achieved a new growth in new plugins which gives new meaning to the game. The plugins enhance the master audio overall with the new plugin and multiplayer for beta testers. The game is looking really good so far and there is more to come!

Name: Legends of the Brawl

Creator: Darktonic Games

Genre: Action, Platformer

Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, PS4

Release Date: TBD

Check out Dark Tonic's page to stay up to date on information!


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