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Let it Die is the new splatter-punk hack and slash from Grasshopper studios, the developers headed by madman auteur Suda51. Never ones to shy away from absurdity, Grasshopper seem to have outdone themselves with the blood-soaked, post-apocalyptic Tokyo of Let it Die, which blends equal part , and extreme Japanese survival game shows. Check out the cinematic trailer:

Let It Die: Dark Souls combat in the post-apocalypse

At first glance, the combat in Let it Die looks like a fast-paced ode to the tightly designed combat of the Dark Souls series, with a similar control scheme, lock-on system and dodge roll system. Director Nobutaka Ichiki and his team have brought their own personal brand of live-frog eating madness to the formula though. The most exciting addition is the roguelike elements in play.

Players must scavenge their equipment - which sometimes means finding a flamethrower before pants
Players must scavenge their equipment - which sometimes means finding a flamethrower before pants

Characters—yes, multiple, you'll have a whole stable of expendable dudes and ladies to play as—start equipped with nothing but a gas-mask, underwear and a smile. Equipment must be scavenged, stolen and bought from a creepy man in a space helmet and a Hitler mustache as your hapless survivors fight their way through the mean streets of 2027 Tokyo. All the while they'll be taking on bio-mechanical monstrosities, insane raiders and even other players. You can get an idea of how it'll play in the gameplay walkthrough:

That's right, other players, in the spirit of Suda51's philosophy of taking it to the edge and jumping right off, Let it Die has decided to one up ' bloodstain system with their own 'Death Data' system. Upon death, your newly splattered character will hang around the area they were killed as a new enemy. They can even invade other people's games!

The Splatter Of Resident Evil, The Music Of Silent Hill

Imagine this with a sick guitar riff under it.
Imagine this with a sick guitar riff under it.

In addition to some unique and grotesque visual design by new talent Tadayuki Nomaru, Grasshopper Studios has roped in composer Akira Yamaoka, best known for his brilliant scores for the Silent Hill series. Yomoaka will be working with over 100 bands, both Japanese and international, to create a pulse-pounding score with a punk sensibility; perfect for grinding the face off a hulking corpse monster made out of other, smaller corpses.

Players will also be able to listen to any tracks that catch their fancy on the radio in their own base, just in case you couldn't get enough while you're out busting heads.

Eat Some Frogs, Munch Some Mushrooms

Killer is Dead Director Hideyuki Shin and CEO Suda51 are making no compromises with their trademark madcap atmosphere. Enemies explode in clouds of neon red blood and shiny coins and weapons include battle axes, comically oversized revolvers and weaponised clothing irons. Throughout the game players will be guided by Uncle Death, a skateboarding Grim Reaper in hypno glasses.

Uncle Death will guide you through the game.
Uncle Death will guide you through the game.

Health pick ups come in the form of live frogs the player must catch and eat raw, while power-ups are delivered by munching mushrooms that have a range of effects, from increasing your damage to forcing the player to stop and do yoga in the middle of a fight.

No-Holds-Barred PVP On The Tokyo Death Metro

The game will include a full-fledged competitive PVP system.
The game will include a full-fledged competitive PVP system.

Aside from the brutal singleplayer campaign and passive multiplayer of the Death Data system, Let it Die looks to have an in-depth team based PVP system. Details are scarce at the moment, but we do know that players can join and form teams, start rivalries and raid each other's bases for supplies—they can even kidnap characters from each other and mount rescue missions.

You lose a fighter. And you’re like “Well crap, I spent a lot of time raising this fighter. I’m gonna go get him back!

Dev diaries so far have shown brief glimpses of the matchmaking system, which is integrated into the game world as the amazingly named 'Tokyo Death Metro'.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pumped to pick up my battle-axe and start busting heads on the streets of Tokyo. Hopefully I'll find some pants along the way.

Let it Die will be released at the end of 2016, only on the PS4.


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