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Ciara Pitts

Get ready to return to Arcadia Bay — a new Life Is Strange installment is in the works. Its developer Dontnod Entertainment created a special announcement video to confirm the highly-anticipated sequel:

That is all we know about the yet untitled follow-up so far, but Dontnod assured us that more information will come when the time is right. They also confirmed on the official Life Is Strange Tumblr that the new game will not appear at the E3 convention this June.

If you’re not familiar with the original game released in 2015, now is the perfect time to dive in. The episodic, choice-based adventure follows Max Caulfield, a student who discovers her ability to rewind time. Every choice has a consequence that impacts the future of your gameplay, so choose wisely.

Along the way, we meet interesting companions like Max’s punk partner-in-crime, Chloe Price. The connection they share has become one of the most adored storylines in video games — hopefully we'll see their relationship explored further in the sequel.

Life Is Strange is emotionally-driven, inspiring, and —pun intended— timeless. The enduring popularity of its predecessor proves that a continuation could be just as powerful.

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