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The first episode of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm will be ready to navigate in almost a week. To gear up for its release, Square Enix and Deck Nine Games unveiled an all-new trailer for the prequel at Gamescom. As expected, the footage is full of angst, adventure and mystery among the game's two protagonists, Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. Check it out below:

The three-episode Before the Storm is set three years prior to the original game, which is a dark and lonely time for Chloe. She was close with her father, who recently passed away, and she's struggling to cope with the adjustment to her family life. Chloe is also dealing with the absence of her best friend Max Caulfield, who we bent time with in the main . Deck Nine revealed that throughout the prequel, Chloe will write letters to Max that she never ends up sending.

While Chloe is at her most vulnerable, she unexpectedly meets Rachel, and the two quickly form a strong friendship (or romance, depending on your in-game choices). Rachel will go through difficult family issues as well, but being around Chloe will give her the strength to get by.

Foreshadowing Rachel's Disappearance?

In the trailer, Rachel tells Chloe to not be surprised if she leaves Arcadia Bay, a possible foreshadowing of her disappearance that surrounded the first game. But the developers at Deck Nine have assured us that this story won't end with Rachel missing. Lead writer Zak Gariss told Fandom:

"If you played the first game you know that’s what happens to Rachel, but the story we’re exploring in Before the Storm ends long before that moment. That’s not what we’re doing, we’re exploring a different mystery. So you could be the most diehard superfan — like we are — and you won’t know the ending. You’ll be confronted with choices that are intersecting with narratives that aren’t those narratives. It’s a separate story."

A central theme in Before the Storm is how one person has the power to change your life forever. Chloe will serve as that catalyst for Rachel, and vice versa. It will be interesting to guide these characters through their journeys, and experience the mysteries that behold them.

Episode 1 of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm will be available for PS4, Xbox One and Steam on August 31.

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