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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Whoever said games have no pedagogical value clearly never played Zoombinis. Although, as it turns out, you don't have to stick to the yawn-inducingly benign 'edugames' genre in order to learn a few valuable life lessons.

While I wasn't wholly raised by my childhood collection of video games, they certainly proved to be formative influences, some offering sage advice I've found myself turning to on more than one occasion. Here's what 23 years of playing games has taught me.

1. 'Pokemon' - Don't make eye contact with strangers, unless you're looking for trouble

Image credit: VADi25
Image credit: VADi25

2. 'Bioshock' - People will do anything if you ask them kindly

3. 'Frogger' - Always look both ways before crossing the road

4. 'The Sims' - If you run out of money you can always sell a wall

5. 'Super Mario' - Eating mushrooms will change your sense of self-perception

6. 'Pac Man' - Fruit is good for you

7. 'Tetris' - Life's clutter never stops piling up... until you die


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