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One of the most influential games of the last decade finally makes its way to Nintendo. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to Switch, and will release this year.

In addition to finally being able to play the Skyrim on the go, the Switch edition will feature Amiibo support. So if you use a amiibo, you'll unlock a costume to dress up as the hero of time himself. Because a little Legend of Zelda action makes everything better, even .

No word if any other amiibos will have similar use, but if I can ride Epona while dressed up as Link, I'm sold!

Skyrim With Motion Control, It Works?

If you ever wanted to play Skyrim with motion control you're in luck. showcased a little of what that'll be like and from the few seconds of footage, it appears stable.

You'll be popping off the Joy-cons and can use them as a sword and shield or, if you desire, even a bow and arrow.

Now what I'd really like to see is how using magic or mounting a horse with motion control will be like. Somehow, I think a dragon might kill me before I find out.

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