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One of the many signs of a good game is the synchronicity between its sound design and narrative action, or how well the two intertwine in order to relay the game's desires to you. Is it action packed? Then sounds should be brash, epic and loud in places. Is it a cogitation on life, death and the human condition? Then it should be a little more introspective, with space for silence to breathe.

Much like its mother format, cinema, video game scores and sound design shouldn't look to distract you from the image on screen, neither should they simply lie dormant. They should work together to make one hell of an unforgettable package of engrossing storytelling

[Credit: Konami]
[Credit: Konami]

But what happens when a game's sound design and voice acting is so evocative, it can creep you out with the game turned off? Yeah, had a lot of things going for it.

P.T.'s Audio Files Are A Trip Through Despair

"You've still got a bit on your chin, babe" [Credit: Konami]
"You've still got a bit on your chin, babe" [Credit: Konami]

Dug out of the game's files by some nimble-fingered data miners, P.T.'s audio files are some of the most harrowing examples of sensational sound design, whether it's the crackle of a soul speaking through radios, a booming ethereal voice speaking backwards or the horrible report recounting the death of a family.

Collated into a ten minute recording of snaps, crackles and pops by YouTuber AestheticGamer, all of P.T.'s in-game voice audio is like a view into the core of morbid angst and demonic possession.

Listening to the ten minute recording was like tuning into a radio play that I really shouldn't have been listening to. One that recounts the tale of a man slowly becoming crazed as his societally mandated masculinity is eroded by recession.

Or—if all ghosts are mere echoes of a great amassing of energy, stuck playing out the same loop until dissipation—it felt like being trapped in a waking nightmare with no way out but to tread corridors, hoping for the best. And I haven't even properly played P.T., 'cause I'm a massive chicken. But that's basically the premise, isn't it? Gleaned from ten minutes of audio.

Look Behind You

"Oi." [Credit: Konami]
"Oi." [Credit: Konami]

Fortunately, AestheticGamer didn't include any of the baby sounds from P.T.'s audio files, because that would have been far too upsetting to be honest. And the son's files are, apparently, video files so they couldn't have been grabbed either. But, after listening to this, I get visited by an emotion. Something...similar to great disappointment that will never come to be. I've got chills now. Chills of sadness.

What was your scariest P.T. moment?

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