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November is upon us, which means there are only a tantalizing few weeks left until the full release of . Do YOU plan on hitting the islands of Alola, sun reflecting off the hope-encrusted whites of your trembling anime eyes? I sure am! Gonna nab me the JPN version from the eShop so I don't have to pay double the price of the game thanks to Germany's ridiculous customs fees.

But enough about me and my importing woes, a short new commercial has hit the webs, giving us the most realistic look yet of some of our soon-to-be companions... including the ridiculously wild fan favorite, !

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New Commercial Gives Us a Look at Some of Our Favorite Pokémon in Full-Motion CG Video

Well, that's what my header was going to be, but upon second thought, maybe I should go with this instead:

Fans Everywhere Lament the Fact That We'll Never Get Quality Like This in an Actual Pokémon Game

But I digress.

May the power of Christ compel you!
May the power of Christ compel you!

If that's not a terrifying way to start your morning, I'm not sure what is.

This tropical beach scene overrun with wobbly, three-headed abominations of nature is the first glance we get of the world of Pokémon Sun and Moon in the newest commercial to hit Japanese television sets. Though we mildly fear for our safety (and sanity), we can't help but marvel at the feeling of curiosity, fascination, and wonder it evokes.

After all, how often do we get to see our favorite (or not-so-favorite) Pokémon in such highly rendered, three-dimensional detail? So much so that they mesh perfectly with the actual landscape they inhabit?

Smaug in his childhood days.
Smaug in his childhood days.

Now there's a much less terror-inflicting sight! Quite a beauty, too! Dragonite's always been one of my favorite Pokémon, so getting to see it like this in all its majesty is pretty satisfying. Just look at the way it seems so perfectly at home in that environment, a regal (if not a little chubby) dragon soaring across the sky.

And what about this huggable bundle of pure-white cuteness that is Alolan Vulpix?

What does the Vulpix say?
What does the Vulpix say?

With its bushy tail that looks like it would feel like a giant cloud against your skin, the way it shakes its tush with that adorable streeeeetch of its little legs... If I hadn't wanted to catch a Vulpix before, I sure do now! Look at that cutie!

I mean, sure, it's also cute in the somewhat chunky, 3D rendered, cel-shaded model in-game...

Look at 'dem big eyes.
Look at 'dem big eyes.

...but the commercial version takes Vulpix from an animated, white fox to a white fox that could actually live in our world.

So why doesn't Nintendo make a next gen Pokémon game?

Obviously, I don't have an answer for you, though I can make a few guesses. For one, we're used to Pokémon being on the current gen's version of the Game Boy. Pokémon games have always been on handheld consoles, and for a new one to be released on next gen console would cause quite a stir. Now, that could be a good thing or a bad thing—a good shake-up would really get people's attention and put Pokémon in the spotlight, but if done poorly (thus squashing the hope and hype), it could cause serious backlash.

While the graphics of 'Sun and Moon' are cute, fun, and a big step in terms of main series Pokémon games, they're nothing compared to what Pokémon could look like on a next gen console.
While the graphics of 'Sun and Moon' are cute, fun, and a big step in terms of main series Pokémon games, they're nothing compared to what Pokémon could look like on a next gen console.

Secondly, would a main series Pokémon game work on a non-handheld console? One of Pokémon's key features is your ability to trade with and battle against other players, and its mobility allows youngsters to, in essence, bring their Pokémon with them wherever they go. That's part of the appeal! Being stuck in front of a TV screen for a full-length Pokémon adventure might be a turn-off to some players and render some of the series' strengths moot.

But wouldn't it be magical to explore a high-definition, CG-graphic Pokémon world? To see Pokémon out in their natural habitats all over the world as you collect, battle, train, and... whatever other mini-games decides to throw our way in subsequent titles? Pokémon could actually be what this commercial fantasizes when the boy holds up his 3DS.

Oh, my god, do I try!
Oh, my god, do I try!

Of course, my thoughts now immediately fly to the . It's not only a next gen console, it can also be handheld. Could the Nintendo Switch be the first non "Game Boy" console to land itself a main series Pokémon game? It could definitely work! Fans will still be able to take advantage of the familiar mobility of Pokémon games while experiencing all of their favorite cartoon monsters in realistic 3D graphics!

But in the end, it's not up to me (obviously), but I've no doubt in my mind that the powers that be aren't already looking into something like this becoming reality...

How did I get so off-topic?

I'm not even sure. I was just going to talk about the commercial and how frightening Alolan Exeggutor was! But considering the fact that The Pokémon Company gave us this commercial, I'm not going to ignore the unbridled emotions in my heart that have me wishing I really could see these Pokémon the way the commercial advertises.

But for now, we've just got to take what we can get, which is a brand-new Pokémon game with a bigger, more open world than ever before, new features that let you interact with your Pokémon, and a whole wealth of new adventures and Pokémon fun to be had.

And I guess I can't really complain about that.

Watch the full Pokémon Sun and Moon commercial below:

Would you like to see a Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch? Planning on buying Pokémon Sun and Moon? Let us know!


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