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I don't know about you guys, but every time I watch a Hunger Games movie, I always find myself wondering why no one has ever made a proper game based on the same set-up. Sure, the premise is just like any other multiplayer deathmatch, but if you were to pair that stress with a crazy story you'd have gaming gold!

Thankfully, it looks like indie developer Burning Arrows is getting us pretty close to that with its (singleplayer) first-person survival game, The Other 99.

Smile Big And Join The Hunt In 'The Other 99'

In The Other 99, your protagonist finds themselves thrown onto Hebridean Island with nothing more than a note that reads:

The only way off the island is through The Other 99.

In this case, "through" is more like "killing" and the "other 99" is quite literally 99 other people scattered around the island trying to survive just like you. They aren't just mindless drones either. They each have their own stories—pieces of the larger puzzle—that help you understand the mess you've gotten yourself into.

While you attempt to escape, you'll also be fighting for staples to keep you alive, like food, water and even weapons. Some people will be harder to kill than others. They may go down with a fight, they may be drowning in their own tears. Regardless, the boundaries of your humanity will be pressed to the max before you have a chance to work things out.

'The Other 99' [Credit: Burning Arrow]
'The Other 99' [Credit: Burning Arrow]

The Other 99 is one of the first from the Cornwall-based team but impressions from current players of the Early Access version seem optimistic and it appears that there is more to come.

Though the game was officially released for Early Access in August of 2016, frequent updates appear to be keeping the game alive, fresh and worthwhile.

You can join the hunt yourself by grabbing The Other 99 on Steam. Get ready for some .

Are you gonna live long like Katniss or hide in the dirt like a Peeta?


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