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Hey, listen! How much of a Zelda fan do you profess to be? Have you tried to get your hands on every Zelda game since 1986? Can you match our level of excitement for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? If so, you may want to know about this lost Japan-only title that Zelda fans have made completely available to the West!

Aside from the CD-i Zelda games (which we like to think don't really exist), BS Legend of Zelda & BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets are some of the rarest instalments in Nintendo's franchise—anyone else feel like the only reason they were Japan-only was because of that BS nonsense?

'BS Zelda no Densetsu Inishie no Sekiban', as it was known in Japan, was a special Zelda game in that it was released for the Satellaview, a Japanese only peripheral for the Super Famicom. This bizarre device enabled players to download and play games over a satellite connection.

Explaining the Satellaview.
Explaining the Satellaview.

This limited the way in which players could interact with the system's games. The game could only be played while it was being broadcast over satellite, like watching a TV show. Additionally, these Zelda games would actually change over time and audio broadcasts were played during the games, complete with voice acting and orchestrated music.

Content was also limited, with players only capable of accessing certain locations and parts of the overworld depending on the particular focus of that week. The broadcasts lasted for an hour and progress would be saved to a special cassette tape to transfer over to the next week. A rather convoluted system, indeed. But none of these episodes were available on ROM. Until now, of course.

Satellaview Zelda in action!
Satellaview Zelda in action!

This previously lost Zelda game is now available with language patches in French, German and English. But the really impressive aspect of this release, is that fans have actually dubbed over the original voice acting broadcasts, making this the most complete version yet.

The entire game is translated and playable for those outside of Japan for the first time, allowing us to catch up on experiences that are almost 20 years old. You can download the game from here. I trust you'd also like to see this rare Zelda treasure in action? Naturally!

A simpler time, friends. Well, not in terms of hardware.

That was hard work.

What do you make of these Zelda games?


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