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Floatlands is an up-and-coming low poly video game being developed by the creative minds at . It adds unique gameplay value to an already established genre; you can create your own base from resources that you gather from caves, plants and even enemy robots!

You will be in complete control of constructing your base to your heart's desire, whether it be a dimly lit shack or a castle made from stone. Add in the ability to make generators for electricity and you have a safe haven to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

What are the floatlands?

After a war erupts between two brothers, using robot armies as their means of attack, the world is left in shambles with numerous self generated islands, or "floatlands" that you will be able to discover and jump between with the use of your very own jetpack!

You are of the last good robots, self aware and seeking answers from the past. You may encounter remaining humans struggling to survive and will run into remaining war robots looking for nothing but to destroy anything left. It's up to you to survive in this post apocalyptic land.

Check out Studio Techtrics' early development video, showing customized base building, the randomly generated biomes, and even a little cave diving!

Studio Techtrics already has an award under its belt for a very early glimpse of Floatlands in the Slovenian video games conference. The studio shares in its developer's blog:

Floatlands had been chosen for the best indie game of SGC 2016. This is a great honor for us, especially because we've been working on this game for only 4 months now. The reward for winning this contest were tickets to Reboot Develop conference 2017, which will take place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in April.

There will be a closed alpha session and a closed beta session this year. Want to be part of the test phases? Get in touch with the devs in the comments below.

When all corrections and edits are made they will set a release date on Steam Greenlight and we will be able to explore and survive in their beautiful world.

They strive to make regular updates, listen to players and implement interesting things in the game. After release they also intend to expand their team to develop the multiplayer feature. Initial plan is to release for Windows (alpha), but according the the studio porting to Linux and Mac won't be a big problem. We might even be able to coerce a console or two if we help make it as successful as it could be.

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Genre: Survival, Exploration

Release date: TBC

Developer: Studio Techtrics

What do you think? Does your first glimpse look promising? Let us know in the comments below!


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