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How many of you GTA V fans have ever fantasized about what life would be like on the other side of crime? "Betrayal! Blasphemy! Switching sides is out of the question," I hear you scream. I mean, yes, for the most part, our careers have been centered around heists, assassinations and five star getaways. But then, the other side does have that sweet-looking uniform...

If you are one of the players who's ignored the life of a police officer (except during shootouts), then I'll let you in on a little secret—it's called LSPDFR and it's about to change your life. Or at least the life of your character, because they're gonna get a whole new job despite having an appalling criminal record.

What Is The LSPDFR 'GTA V' Police Mod?

Dammnn. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Dammnn. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

The LSPDFR mod is your direct route into the GTA V Los Santos Police Department First Response unit. Very direct, in fact, as it enables you to bypass selection and training, and instead jump straight into your first patrol. This GTA V police mod will put you in the shoes of a police officer, completely transforming the game into a law enforcement simulation like no other (if there are any others).

What Can I Do As A Police Officer In The GTA V Police Mod?

Take pride in your uniform. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Take pride in your uniform. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

As a police officer, it's now your job to hunt down and arrest those bastard (ahem) criminals that terrorize Los Santos. You'll do this by going out on patrol, responding to callouts and wearing the badge with pride. Jokes aside, this excellent mod gives players a meaty extra angle to this game which has tonnes of cool features and new locations to get excited about.

In the GTA V mod you're able to actually stop, identify and arrest citizens—the mod has some really cool animation sequences for arresting and letting people go, too. This obviously includes placing handcuffs on suspects as well as forcing suspects to surrender at gunpoint. After you've detained suspects, you can then take them to the Downtown Police Station, lock 'em up and, if you want, go off duty and take some rest in the locker room.

Choose your ride. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Choose your ride. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

In addition to that, being part of the LSPDFR allows you to take part in high speed pursuits in your vehicle (chosen from the Police Garage) or on foot, and introduces stun guns, suspect intelligence, officer distribution and tactics. If you are in pursuit you can use the radio and police computer to call for backup, call for suspect transport or medical assistance. You can also stop cars, fine drivers and ask for ID with a hand on holster animation—yes, the attention to detail is incredible.

How To Pull Over A Car Or Any Other Vehicle In LSPDFR

 Pretty intense stuff. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Pretty intense stuff. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

To pull over a car in LSPDFR, you'll first need to go out on patrol. To do this simply go to your nearest police station on the map, go inside and press E when asked to. You're then able to choose which officer you'd like to use, as well as which vehicle.

Once you are out on patrol and you feel the need to do a traffic stop, you first have to pull up behind whomever it is you need to stop. By pressing shift and turning on your lights, the car should pull over. Sometimes the car will pull over somewhere that isn't completely ideal, so you can honk them to move and try again. After stopping, get out and approach the car to interact with the driver (press the E key). If you find that nothing is up, then simply press shift again to stop the process and let the car go.

How To Use The LSPDFR Radio

See the radio in the bottom right? [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
See the radio in the bottom right? [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

The police radio in LSPDFR is a very useful tool that will allow players to scan and observe cars, request backup, check plates and tow vehicles. Using the radio is really simple. By pressing the C key on PC (or left on the d-pad if you are using a controller) you'll open up the radio, and then by pressing G and T you can change the options. Press the Z key once you've found the option you want.

How Do I Arrest Someone In LSPDFR?

Hands up, son. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Hands up, son. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

To arrest a citizen at gunpoint (there's no other way to do it, apparently):

  • You're gonna have to press the E key while looking at a pedestrian.
  • After this point, the subject should have their hands up.
  • Press E a second time and the suspect will drop to their knees,
  • and then press E a third and fourth time to proceed step by step behind the suspect to arrest them.
  • To get the suspect to the car, you have to press F and (you guessed it) F again until the suspect is in your car and heading for jail.

How Do The LSPDFR Callouts And Backup Features Work?

Notice the dispatch box on the left. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]
Notice the dispatch box on the left. [Credits: GTA V/ Rockstar Games]

Callouts are a pretty big part of the mod and a pretty big part of the job. A callout is basically when dispatch appears on the radio while you're on patrol and asks for assistance. You have to press Y to accept the callout, and then it's your job to get to the location on the map.

You might not know exactly what kind of situation you're being called out to, but once you're there you can assess everything to see if you'll need some backup. To bring up the backup menu, simply press B key. To choose which backup you think you need, you can use the arrow keys and then press enter to call it. You can choose another local patrol unit, call in some air support and even request a counter-terrorist unit.

How Do I Get The LSPDFR Mod?

You can download the mod and also the latest Rage Plugin Hook right here. After the download is completed you can extract the files into your GTA V folder, and the game mod should start up as soon as you get the game going.

The truth is that LSPDFR is a seriously fun mod to mess around with, one that seems to have a ton of new features and smaller mods being developed and released for it all the time. So, if you're ready to betray the GTA way, then get on over and join the bluecoat community in what could be your most enjoyable outing in Los Santos yet!

What do you think of the LSPDFR GTA V mod? Let us know in the comments section below.

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