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The Nintendo Switch won't be released until March 3rd. There are a number of people very sad about that fact, some of which are already waiting in line to buy the new console. However for one lucky fan, Switchmas came early, as his Switch shipped two weeks before the official release date.

NeoGAF user 'hiphoptherobot' uploaded a video showing off the system's UI. In a separate post the user said, "I just happened to get lucky because unnamed store decided to ship early for whatever reason."

You can check out the video of the leak below:

Let's Take A Closer Look

We can tell from the video that Nintendo really wants to make sure you know how to use the new console and controllers. There are several instructional menus for the Joy-con controllers and how to use them properly. There also appears to be specific setup for TVs, but the user skips this to continue navigating elsewhere.

The video then shows us some of the user icons that are included with the console including Bowser, Yoshi, Samus, the Hylian Shield, and others.

Perhaps what's most important from an information perspective is how much free space Switch users will have have access to. It's been announced that the Switch has 32GB of internal storage, but like all modern consoles a portion of that memory is allocated to the software OS. The amount of free internal memory will be 25.9 GB.

There's also a look at optional themes which as of right now is just "Basic White" and "Basic Black." No doubt more will be made available from the Nintendo eShop once the console releases.

In addition to all of this we can see that the Switch has menus for both Miis and Amiibo support, a News page with the Nintendo eShop front and center, sleep mode functionality, and a controllers page that says "Change Grip/Order." What that means exactly is yet to be seen.

In other Switch news, Nintendo announced its most anticipated game will be getting a season pass!

Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch launching March 3rd? Check out the software line up video below and let me know your thoughts!

Source: Kotaku


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