ByAlex Ziebart, writer at

Tonight at The Game Awards, Industry Icon Award recipient Hideo Kojima showed off more footage of his upcoming tentacle-babies-cover-in-oil game Death Stranding. The first trailer displayed Kojima Productions' outstanding motion capture with The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. This time around, it's Hannibal actor Mads Mikkelsen's turn to bring the creepy to Death Stranding.

Mikkelsen's role in Death Stranding isn't explained, but his appearance is certainly sinister: An oil-stained commander of generally menacing soldiers. Given his appearance, and his use of bizarre, writhing cables, he very well might be the vulnerable Reedus's antagonist.

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's first project since his exile from Konami last year. The title currently has no release date, though Kojima teased the game would release in the year prior to the year in which anime classic Akira was set. In other words: expect Death Stranding in 2018.

Can You Wait For 'Death Stranding'?


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