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In a world where the word is retribution, where one suitably fed up man decides to take on the mob singlehandedly, ruffling one fedora at a time, you're gonna need guns. Lots of guns. Right? Luckily Mafia 3 has guns in droves and here's how you can get your itchy trigger fingers on...

The Best Guns In 'Mafia 3': Stats, Prices & Locations

Prices indicate these guns can be acquired from your mobile arms dealer, otherwise they can be nabbed through doing favors for your underbosses:


  • Alfredsson M200 - $8,500
  • Blackburn FAF-33 - $20,000
  • Clipper .44 - Favor from Burke


  • Cornell 40 - $12,000
  • Riot 550 - $20,000
  • Lupara - $8,000

Automatic Weapons

If you're looking for maximum damage I'd steer clear of automatic weapons, however if you want a weapon that could mop up already injured goons, I suggest you try:

  • Czech ver. B-65 - $9,500
  • Silenced M1N8 - $28,500

Assault Rifles

These beasts will help you tear through your opponents, no problem:

  • Stromer .223 - Favor from Burke
  • Automat SG - $25,000


If you like doing the opposite of getting up close and personal...

  • Manitou Model 67 - $10,000
  • Mayweather M04A3 - $15,500
  • Viper 55 - $26,000

Silenced Weapons

Here's a neat little trick for getting the best silenced weapons early in Mafia III...

When the time comes around for you to take over your first racket, you'll have the option of handing over the operation to one of your underbosses. Each one will offer up a different weapon for being offered the chance to do no good efficiently. Here's who will give you the tools for becoming the silent harbinger of death:

  • Cassandra: The Haitian "Voodoo Queen" will hand over a Silenced M1N8 automatic weapon. Due to it being automatic it will have poor accuracy and damage, but a rapid rate of fire.
  • Burke: The leader of the Irish Mob will give you a Silenced Deacon .22 for entrusting him with the first racket. The pistol has a small caliber which makes for low damage, but it's pretty darn accurate. So that's nice!
  • Vito: The leader of the Italian Mob will gift you the silenced Masterson Semi-Auto out of the kindness of his heart. It has low accuracy but pretty high damage!

Pre-Order Weapons

Family Kick-Back

If you were one of them that went and pre-ordered Mafia 3, this is how you can get your mitts on your sweet, special stash containing the:

  • Trench 1938 automatic rifle
  • Camo Model 67 sniper rifle
  • Gator Shotgun

The earliest possible point you can receive your flashy weapons is after you amass all of the underbosses: Cassandra, Burke and Vito. Once you get access to the mobile arms dealer, the three aforementioned guns should be available free of charge!

Boom! Now get out into New Bordeaux and wreak some damn havoc. It's all for a good cause anyways...

What's your weapon of choice?


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