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Over the weekend while you were binging on , one grown man found out the hard way that drunkenly brawling in a Pikachu onesie could only end in him being tased by the police (whom he also tried to fight).

The scene: One Steven Goodwine, Jr. who decided to don his Pikachu onesie and spend his Sunday night in search of alcohol and adventure. Goodwine, upon random encounters with alcohol that ended with him catching 'em all, decided to prove that he was the very best. To do so, he headed to A-Town Bar & Grill's "Sunday Funday" night in search of an appropriate rival.

Little Did He Know, He Was About To Face The Elite Four

Yes, they really were wearing red (Reid) and blue (Goodwine).
Yes, they really were wearing red (Reid) and blue (Goodwine).

His first opponent was the bar itself, which he fought well against.

Before winning, however, he found himself the victim of a Circle Throw that removed him from the bar's premises. This resulted in him coming face-to-face with the next encounter, the tag-teaming bouncers.

After a hard-fought battle, Goodwine once again found himself unable to be declared victor. Marcus Reid — who has no doubt become the Red to Goodwine's Blue — stepped in. After several rounds of Fighting-type moves, the two were ambushed by Arlington Police.

In a surprising turn of events, Goodwine and Reid turned their attacks away from each other and instead on the officers.

The two fought hard, but after a taser Paralysis effect rendered Reid immobile, Goodwine tried to escape.

However, he was unable to flee, and in an ironic turn of events, the Pikachu-onesie-clad trainer was struck down by a Lightning Bolt ejected from an officer's taser. Both Goodwine and Reid were taken into custody, where they are no doubt still suffering Confusion ailments.

That's how I like to tell the story at least. The official police report, however, reads with slightly less flair:

ASSAULT & BATTERY ON POLICE, 2017-03120191, 1000 block of N. Randolph Street. At approximately 8:58 p.m. on March 12, police were dispatched to the report of a fight in progress. The arriving officer located the subjects, later identified as Steven Goodwine Jr. and Marcus Reid, and provided verbal commands to cease the fight. The subjects allegedly ignored the commands and the officer physically separated them. As the officer was attempting to detain Mr. Reid, Mr. Goodwine advanced and struck the officer, pushing him to the ground. When Mr. Goodwine advanced towards the officer a second time, the officer deployed his taser and the subject attempted to flee the area. As officers were attempting to place handcuffs on Mr. Reid, he continued to forcefully resist while attempting to stand. An officer deployed their taser and the subject was taken into custody without further incident.

Additional officers responded to Mr. Goodwine’s location who was attempting to flee the scene. Officers ordered the subject to stop and get on the ground. When he refused, officers went hands on in an attempt to detain the subject. Mr. Goodwine struggled with the officer and was able to place him in a stranglehold. The officer was able to free himself, a taser was deployed and the subject was taken into custody without further incident. Both subjects were evaluated by medics and did not sustain serious injuries. The investigation revealed that the initial incident began after Mr. Goodwine was removed from a restaurant, became aggressive with the door staff and Mr. Reid attempted to intervene.

Marcus Reid, 31, of Arlington VA was arrested and charged with assault and battery on police, obstruction of justice and drunk in public. Steven Goodwine Jr., 27, or Arlington VA was arrested and charged with assault and battery on police, strangulation, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and drunk in public. Both were held in the Arlington County Detention Facility on No Bond.

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