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PC gamers don't get to spend much time with Mario, but we do have Skyrim, and when you have Skyrim and the right mods, you can pretty much have anything you wish for. Case in point: Super Skyrim Bros, the mod that lets you play Mario in Skyrim.

Super Skyrim Bros creates an incredible Mario-themed adventure for use in , featuring Goombas and Koopa Troopas, magic hammers, fireflowers and mushroom power-ups, and even iconic franchise bosses such as Waluigi and Bowser. It's the ultimate game that Nintendo will never give us.

Check out the official trailer for Super Skyrim Bros below, by modder clintmich:

This mod mash up of Tamriel and the Mushroom Kingdom originally came out in 2012 for vanilla Skyrim, but the new version for Skyrim Special Edition boasts a host of graphical and gameplay improvements. Overall, it looks and plays a heck of a lot smoother than the old version, and also comes with new items and music.

Mushroom-Themed Dream

[Credit: clintmich/Bethesda]
[Credit: clintmich/Bethesda]

The beauty of Super Skyrim Bros is that it's a standalone adventure. This might not mean much to those connoisseurs of the weird who love to fill their game with Thomas the Tank Engine dragons and even stranger images, but it's great for roleplayers who don't need to worry about seeing any assets from the mod pop up in the regular Skyrim world.

All the Mario-themed stuff takes place in a completely self-contained new area, like a lot of the best Skyrim mods. Appropriately enough for such a trippy experience, it's presented as a dream sequence, in which the Dovakiin's fevered mind, likely addled by skooma and numerous blows to the head, imagines themselves as Mario on a quest to (what else?) rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser.

Predictably, the Dragonborn brings some of that good old Skyrim brutality to supplement Mario's usual jumping around:

[Credit: clintmich/Bethesda]
[Credit: clintmich/Bethesda]

To play this mod, first you'll have to download and install it from the Nexus. Once installed, check your map for an abandoned house near Winterhold. In the house you can find a note warning you not to sleep in a certain bed. Of course, any right-minded Dragonborn scoffs at such pathetic premonitions, so get ready for some seriously trippy dreams.

Once you've completed Super Skyrim Bros, PC gamers looking for more Mario might want to try this GTA IV mod, which places our plucky plumber in the crime-ridden streets of Liberty City.

Have you tried Super Skyrim Bros? Let us know what you think!


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