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With the NX—now called the Nintendo Switch—having been revealed and everyone freaking out about its capabilities, we're finding ourselves on the kind of Nintendo high that was reserved for the early days of the Wii or the N64. We're feverous, and naturally clinging to anything Nintendo related in the vicinity—that includes this long-lost Zelda game.

So with all of this Nintendo joy being spread around the world, it seems only right that GAME FREAK would come out with some beautiful merchandise to capitalize on the craze.

Mario Meets Pikachu In Adorable Pokémon Merchandise

Look at that moustache!!

This little guy is a small part of a big collection. Due to be released first in The National Pokémon Center in Kyoto, Japan on October 29, all of this merch falls under the heading of, "Mario Pikachu." And there's loads of it.

A poster you say?!

That Luigi stash... can't handle.

Collectible cards?!

Aaaand even more Pokémon cards. So long money.

Would I be judged for writing in this every day?

My 3DS definitely needs this. It's not even up for debate.

You guard my keys Mario Pikachu!

This is... wait what is this?

The obligatory tee. Awesome.

Fancy getting on this merchandise yourself? You'll have to wait for it all to be released, but keep an eye on this site here. You know you want to!

Are you excited about the future of Nintendo?


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