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The Marvel vs. Capcom games have been a hit for years, and now the fourth installment — Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite — is on the way. With this new game, we'll get more characters.

So, who'd be great to grace this game? What Marvel characters have become popular enough to make their very first Marvel vs. Capcom appearance? Which classic characters should make their debuts? I have some thoughts on who should make the cut!

1. Loki

There aren't many movie villains who've had the success that Loki did in the . Loki would make for the PERFECT Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite final boss. Give Loki the scepter that he used in The Avengers and let him go to work!

Loki could use the scepter to mind-control other characters to do his bidding and also use it to zap opponents and take out a ton of life from the meter. Plus, if Loki beats you, he's going to talk so much trash it will be beyond frustrating. He's perfect!

2. Old Man Logan

Not exactly , but he still has all the badass claws, catch phrases and appeal of Wolverine. Old Man Logan IS the Wolverine now and should officially replace Wolverine on Marvel's side. He may not be as fast as the Wolverine in the previous games, but he'd be stronger and he'd also have a cooler costume. At the very least, Old Man Logan will be an alternate costume.

3. Captain Marvel

With a movie coming out in a few years, adding Carol Danvers to this game is a great way to get her more recognition. Captain Marvel could be a combination of Nova and Rogue from the previous Marvel vs. Capcom games. She would have great energy blast attacks and super strength. There's no way she doesn't make the game and become a favorite character.

4. Daredevil

With the extreme success of Daredevil's series, it would only make sense that Matt Murdock would make his first appearance in a Marvel vs. Capcom game. 's batons and cane attacks would be both flashy, fun to use, and, most importantly, effective. Daredevil would be fast and agile, like Spider-Man in previous games with more than just web-based attacks.

5. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman could become the most-used character in this game. She would be fast, strong and have a lightning-fast venom blast projectile. Jessica Drew would also have a ton of flying moves as well. And let's not forget she is a trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent with a ton of smooth-looking offense.

6. Carnage

Above all else, he would be fun to look at
Above all else, he would be fun to look at

Carnage is Venom with less power, more pace and way more creativity when it comes to his attacks. He is all about turning his body into sharp objects to slay his opponents. Honestly, it's shocking that he hasn't been used already. What he would lack in strength and speed would be made up with cool-looking moves and the ability to attack from a distance.

7. Jessica Jones

It may seem redundant to have so many super strong characters, but Jessica Jones's growing popularity has pretty much solidified that she belongs in this game. Her moves would be standard punches and kicks, but what would make her such a likable character is her dialogue. I'm sure they would be full of insults.

8. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Bats and gliders and pumpkin bombs, OH MY! Green Goblin has power and all sorts of things that he can use to throw at opponents. He may not be fast or jump high, but Gobby would have a powerful arsenal of special moves strong enough to make up for those shortcomings. I wonder if the creative team would find a way to make Norman's Goblin Glider part of his move set.

9. Bullseye

Everybody has played against that one person who does nothing but fall back to the corner of the screen and throws projectiles. Bullseye is the character that can one-up that person. Anything in Bullseye's hands becomes a weapon, and it would be great to see what objects he could throw in the game other than his standard ace of spades. He may not be strong, but he would be fast and his special moves would be quick.

10. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

She could be everything that Dhalsim is but faster. Ms. Marvel has the ability to stretch her body and also make herself smaller and larger. Her power set would mostly be stretching and punching and kicking with giant feet and hands. Her interactions with every character could be hilarious. Since she is such a fan of heroes, there would be no reason why she wouldn't be a fan of the games as well.

11. Black Panther

If I had one character I'd be the most excited about getting a shot, it would be the king of Wakanda: T'Challa, the Black Panther. Fast, agile, jumps high, claws like Sabretooth, and would have some very great interactions with other characters. would be like Ken. Balanced, but faster.

12. Multiple Man

All he does is turn into more people? Yes, but imagine hitting one enemy and it comes from three people — that would certainly make your combo meter go up in a hurry! Also, a little known fact about Multiple Man is that he is an accomplished fighter and acrobat (It helps when you can send duplicates of yourself to learn things and then reabsorb the information). It would be cool to see how creative the team could get using his powers.

13. Black Widow

Faster than most, and definitely a high jumper, Black Widow would have a ton of really athletic grapple moves. might be one of the physically weaker people in the game, since she's only human, but she will clearly make up for it with all of her other skills. Oh, and she'll certainly have a few guns and her Widow Bite.

14. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Miles has become the most popular new Marvel character over the past few years. He may not be as strong as Peter Parker, but he is faster, just as agile, and his venom touch has taken out demons. His camouflage moves would be easy to make into game moves; Miles would be like X-23 from the previous Marvel vs. Capcom game but stronger.

15. Punisher

Punisher is another character that makes the cut after having a breakthrough appearance on Netflix. Frank Castle may not be an unknown character, but he has absolutely become more popular than he has ever been. Castle is strong and slow, but he would have an absolutely insane arsenal of guns, which might make him a popular character.

16. Luke Cage

In every fighting game, there is that one really strong guy who has basic punch and kick moves — they may not be ideal, but it takes a lot to knock them down and even more to beat them. That character could be Luke Cage. His unbreakable skin would work like Zangief's Iron Body mode. Cage would be great for people who like the up-close approach.

What characters would YOU like to see in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? Let me know in the comments below.


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