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It's a tough time to be a Mega Man fan. There haven't been any new games in years and with it being Mega Man's 30th birthday this year it's a shame. All we've gotten were leaks of a TV show that's now been pushed back to 2018, more ports of classic titles, and now Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Sure, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's story is making Mega Man X villain Sigma one half of the big bad and giving X a major role in the story, but is that really enough? Fans have waited years for a new entry in the franchise and dealt with the cancellation of no fewer than four titles. One of which was fan favorite, Mega Man Legends 3. Now with Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, fans are dealing with what comes off as a "take it or leave it" attitude with Mega Man.

Not All Mega Man-related Content Is Part Of The Main Game

[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]
[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]

At the moment the full roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite has yet to be announced. However, we do know will be part of the $60 base game. Capcom also announced will be in the main game, so that's one half of the main villain. What about the other, Sigma? Nope. Despite appearing in cutscenes and being a prominent figure in the game's story, Sigma will be available only as part of the game's Deluxe Edition that costs $90.

Keeping in mind the full roster of the main game hasn't been revealed yet, making it possible that Zero and Tron Bonne might make a return. Still, how do you make fans purchase such an integral story character separately? It's either you pay extra and receive what should have been part of the main game or don't. While this is an argument common of most DLC announced before a game's release. It's worth noting that the character chosen was a Mega Man character that was shown through out the story trailer. In other words he is in the base game, but if you want to play as him, it'll cost $30 more.

[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]
[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]

It doesn't stop there. Want an alternate costume for Mega Man X? Make sure to not only buy the Deluxe Edition but pre-order to secure Command Mission X. That's right. The only current way to get this additional costume from a Mega Man title the fan base is divisive about, is to pre-order the more expensive edition.

If you really want all things Mega Man then you're best off getting the Collector's Edition for $200.

While we can argue if it's worth the price, what we cannot deny is for Mega Man fans whom must have everything, it's going to be an expensive time.

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Capcom Knows You Want More Mega Man

Mega Man in "Super Smash Bros" [Credit: Nintendo]
Mega Man in "Super Smash Bros" [Credit: Nintendo]

It's clear that Capcom knows fans want anything Mega Man. The most recent appearance of the original incarnation of the character in Smash Bros is proof of this. Fans went wild over his inclusion in the Nintendo fighting game. Later, DLC costumes were even released to have your Mii fighter appear as X, Proto Man, Zero, and even the Battle Network version of the character, Mega Man.EXE.

More proof can be found with the release of Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Golden Mega Man Amiibo. There's also the mobile ports of the first six Mega Man games released in January of this year, but let's not talk about those.

Having re-released these games along with adding Mega Man characters into these big name fighting games, Capcom may be trying to test the waters to see if interest in the series is what it used to be.

If There's New Mega Man Games It Might Be Worth It

The cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 [Credit: Capcom]
The cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 [Credit: Capcom]

Having Mega Man characters appear in a major role for such a high profile game gives some hope for the franchise's future. For one, Marvel is huge right now. When the last game in the series, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 released, it was the year before the first Avengers movie. Now the superhero team as become a household name. Pairing Mega Man characters with the most popular superhero team in the world should hopefully fair well for raising the franchise's awareness.

Also, while it may seem unfair, or even downright insulting that Sigma is not included with the base game, this could be Capcom's way of seeing if fans of the blue bomber are willing to shell out money. In this case, the phrase "one dollar, one vote" may never ring so true. Fans need to prove that they are willing to spend the money to make Mega Man profitable for its developers. If there's no money to be had in producing more games, then kiss your dreams goodbye.

[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]
[Credit: Marvel/Capcom]

Capcom has a long way to go in order to win back the full support of the Blue Bomber's fans. Having them pay so much extra for more anything Mega Man, may not be the proper way to go about this. But I digress, Infinite will bring us more of the character than has been seen in recent years outside of ports of past titles. While it may not be the new game fans want, it is something Mega Man, and for many, something might just be better than nothing.

But what are your thoughts?


Do you think Capcom is doing the right thing by Mega Man fans with Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite?


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