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Character creation is the lifeblood of many role-playing games out there today. But, as the saying goes, too much of a good thing becomes a bad one. Giving players way too much freedom to experiment can lead to some interesting and weird results.

For instance, check out this one below:

Via TheDkmariolink. No, seriously, go back into stasis Ryder.
Via TheDkmariolink. No, seriously, go back into stasis Ryder.

Strange, right? We first noticed this interesting phenomenon after players began sharing their Ryder abominations. The strange creations come from the makeup and tattoo options that Andromeda allows players to use, which are pretty extensive for the series. And while they're excellent for a more realistic approach to facial appearances, it's easy to go from "interesting blush" to "clown makeup" with a few accidental decisions hence a lot of the strange Andromeda characters.

Looking for some clown Ryders to populate your playthrough of Andromeda? We've got you covered. Here's some of our favorites, many of which courtesy of Twitter users and Kotaku.

Makeup Customization in Action

Let's Play-er SmokingDragon gives some insight into just how crazy the Andromeda tattoo and makeup system is if you experiment with it a bit too much. Playing around with the starting system, he was able to put a ton of makeup onto Ryder, turning the Pathfinder into a very weird hero (to say the least). We like this clown Ryder, since he isn't in full-blown makeup, but rather he looks like he just came home from a busy day of clown school.

Sanic Ryder and Milk Monster

We're not sure how to feel about Sanic Ryder. In fact, he looks like Rick from Rick and Morty if Rick was combined with Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm expecting Morty to pop out any moment and beg Rick to please, please take him back home and away from the Andromeda galaxy.

Maybe that's just me, though. Anyway, that's Sanic Ryder.

Olly Moss's Good Boy

Did you ever look at Mass Effect: Andromeda and think, "that's cool, but I want my player character to have a green face and beard?" Oh, and you also thought, "I want him to look like he has a ton of mold growing on his cheeks, like some kind of moldy beard?" If so, you'll enjoy Olly Moss's Good Boy. Patrick Klepek says he looks like he's just "unwilling to clean up the St. Patrick's Day vomit all over their face," and we sort of agree. Take care of yourself, Ryder!

Jedi Clown Ryder

This one from BestAtNothing is, by far, one of our favorites. He used the character creator to turn Ryder into a red-haired, white-faced clown from a clown planet who's been asleep for 600 years. It's... pretty amazing, and kind of weird that BioWare would provide enough sliders to create clown characters. Someone at BioWare must like clowns a real lot, huh.

By far, the best part is BestAtNothing's narrative voiceover, which gives us an insight into Clown Ryder's weird, strange point-of-view. (Hint: He's very impulsive)

Clever Title Gaming's Making of a Monster

Andromeda character creator lets players make a lot of ridiculous Ryders, true. But the tattoo, scaring, and makeup options also make for some pretty awesome designs. We love this Ryder because she looks so twisted. She's basically a monstrous adventurer, and there's something kind of sick in that.

So Clever Title Gaming decided to show a how-to video, detailing how he got Ryder to look like a monstrosity. Doesn't she look a lot like the Female Titan from Attack on Titan?

Ryder always looks grumpy without her morning coffee.
Ryder always looks grumpy without her morning coffee.

Looking good Sara!

Those are our favorite weird Ryder creations. Have a favorite that's missing? Share yours in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku


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