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Mass Effect Andromeda is a fresh start, which means it'll be leaving the ME trilogy behind. And if 2.5 million lightyears isn't far enough from the canonical ending of said trilogy—and its controversies—the 600 year journey to Andromeda should firmly bury the hatchet.

Yet despite this departure, retains what we love about . After all, the four council races each sent arks to Andromeda, meaning there's a sense of familiarity to this new galaxy, echoed by the style, gameplay and dialogue choices in BioWare's new game—and the aliens. However, these echoes aren't the only things fans may recognize from the Milky Way galaxy.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' And Its Familial Ties To The 'Mass Effect' Trilogy

The latest Andromeda Initiative briefing, which you can watch above, is narrated by Cora (who was alive during Shepard's time and boarded the Pathfinder to help humanity recolonize) the second in command on the human Pathfinder team. She introduces a number of the default crew members like Alec Ryder, Liam, Scott Ryder, Serah Ryder and herself, Lieutenant Cora Harper—but where have we heard that name before?

Well, you probably haven't, unless you've read the Mass Effect Evolution comic series which follows Jack Harper, the mercenary who would eventually become the Illusive Man.

What Makes It Likely That Cora Harper Is Related To The Illusive Man?

Probably not father material - [Credit: EA]
Probably not father material - [Credit: EA]

Everything happens for a reason. So while we could strike this off as a simple coincidence, certain things support the theory that Cora Harper is related to the Illusive Man. Namely her genetic make-up.

Cora notes that she is the team's biotic, a trait that the Illusive Man considered crucial for the future advancement of humanity—to the degree where he sabotaged projects to ensure more biotic children would be born. Therefore, it isn't much a of a stretch to assume he would have biotically enhanced his relatives while he was alive. The dick. I'm sure this would have turned Cora against him eventually. Perhaps they had a falling out.

Cora is also a romance option, at least for male Ryder - [Credit: BioWare]
Cora is also a romance option, at least for male Ryder - [Credit: BioWare]

The Illusive Man was a control freak, but, like Winnie the Pooh, had his hands in more than a few honey jars. He delegated some of his missions to a number of cells within Cerberus, led by people he trusted. Hence why Miranda Lawson oversaw the resurrection of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 2. This may explain why Cora has spent the last few years working alongside Asari commandos—sounds like a good way to avoid information about your whereabouts leaking to the Illusive Man's minions.

Could the Illusive Man still have a presence in the Andromeda galaxy? Or did Cora embark on the journey to Andromeda to escape his influence once and for all? I guess we'll have to wait and find out.


Do you think Cora is related to the Illusive Man?


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