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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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is up to their old tricks again with a rather pricey collector's edition that will release with . For a cool $199 you can pick up the game and your very own remote-control Mako, or Nomad as it has now been rebranded.

That's pretty expensive for an RC Nomad-Mako-ATV-Thing you could (and should be able to) easily pick up separately from your local toy store for $40. But, to make matters even worse, if you're a Mass Effect fan residing in the UK and fancy getting on some of that Mako-goodness, you're going to have to shell out more than the price of a console.

Yes, thanks to UK video game store GAME, a company that is no stranger to ripping off customers, Mass Effect: Andromeda's collector's edition will set the British back £280. £280 for a game, a toy and a steelbook case.

Daylight Robbery

You better be good.
You better be good.

More Mass Effect: Andromeda content:

You could say that this outrageous price could be down to Brexit. Remember that? When the British people decided to leave the EU, because 52% of them were afraid of the country being overrun with people trying to escape war? The pound had fallen to an all-time low, not seen in the last 30 years (since the financial crash of the '80s), which in turn sent the price of imports skyrocketing.

Here's what it looks like from behind
Here's what it looks like from behind

So as it currently stands, a collector's edition, whose other contents have still not been announced, costs more than a PS4 Slim (£223), an Xbox One S (£230), an OG Xbox One (£170), an OG PS4 (£249) and a Wii U (£238). According to Amazon, that is.


What? Wait... allow me to break down the math of this for a moment. Does this mean the–

  • Price of the game is: £60?
  • Price of the steelbook is: £10?
  • Price of the RC Nomad is: £110?!

And GAME is choosing to take a nice little chunk of the profits for the trouble of importing, or perhaps just because they're pretty gross? Or will the game come with some kind of diamond or precious metal? Will it contain a golden ticket for a trip to Mars? Or a ticket for an actual spot on a ship that is setting off out of the galaxy towards our new home, once we finally exhaust our natural resources?

The face of evil?
The face of evil?

£280 for a game! Nope, you're okay Mass Effect: Andromeda. Thanks though, but I think I'll put that amount of money towards a Nintendo . Much like how I, and I hope a lot of other gamers, decided to vote with their wallets after these other EA branded, and super expensive collector's editions went on sale.


Titanfall 2's collector's edition comes with a scarf and a special helmet.

Cost: $250

Battlefield 1's collector's edition comes with a statue and some playing cards.

Cost: $220

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst's collector's edition comes with a statue and temporary tattoos.

Cost: $200. And that's without the game.

I think I'm going to stick to the cheapest, most vanilla version of Andromeda as I can find. Yes the RC may be able to connect to your phone so you can drive it around that way, but still. The game could be terrible for all we know!

What do you Mako that?


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