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There are cosplayers, and then there are cosplayers whose obsessive commitment borders on the insane. The first group dresses up for movie and video game events a couple of times a year, but otherwise stick to our universe, while the latter group is more immersed in fictional worlds than real ones.

Ben, the man behind Maul Cosplay, belongs in the second group. Because what started out as him dressing up awkwardly as He-Man in 2004 has turned into him actually becoming, among others, Geralt of Rivia of The Witcher series.

Geralt, Big Boss And John Marston Combined Into One

Cosplay is a career path and climbing the ladder takes time. [Credit: Maul Cosplay]
Cosplay is a career path and climbing the ladder takes time. [Credit: Maul Cosplay]

In a case like this, cosplay is no longer a sideline hobby that you use to escape the drudgery of your office job. This exhibitionistic lifestyle is a full-time job in itself, though one that requires you to be the real life version of a bunch of characters that are so intriguing, admirable, cruel or heroic, that they are only able to exist in fiction.

Check out Ben being all animal friendly and cuddly as Big Boss:

[Credit: Maul Cosplay/eosAndy]
[Credit: Maul Cosplay/eosAndy]

Hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2? Ben's got you covered with a John Marston cosplay:

[Credit: Maul Cosplay/eosAndy]
[Credit: Maul Cosplay/eosAndy]

By checking out Maul Cosplay's Facebook-page you get an idea of how much work (and photoshopping) goes into each one of these costumes. We really can't stress enough how awesome this guy's work is and will definitely stay tuned for the next bruttish looking video game hero or villain to appear on his page.

More Geralt, Big Boss, Marston, Kratos, Soldier 76, Darth Maul, Khal Drogo and Commander Shepard cosplay right here!

What do you think about the cosplay? Do you have any favorite cosplayers of your own?


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