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Well... this is new.

League of Legends just unveiled its new champion, and she is unlike anything we've ever seen in the game before. Riot has been teasing new splash art for the champion, but today they unveiled her ability kit, and more details about how the champion will perform in game.

Who Is The New Champion?

Meet Camille, The Steel Shadow: an elite operative for Piltover's elite who's only aim is to do their bidding. She was so devoted to the cause that she mechanized her body to be a perfect killing machine.

That's putting it lightly though. Camille attacks with her legs that have been completely altered to become mechanized swords, used to slash her enemies to pieces. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side...

How Her Abilities Work

Camille's kit is pretty unique, toeing the line between a fighter and an assassin with various bonuses based on her enemies damage type, and her own HP.

Passive: Adapted Defenses - Camille's basic attacks on champions grant a shield against her opponents primary damage type. The shield's strength increased based on Camille's max HP.

Q: Precision Protocol - Camille's next basic attack slashes the enemy for bonus physical damage and grants a short burst of movement speed. For a brief period after the initial cast, Camille can recast Precision Protocol for an additional strike. If she waits a short period of time, the ability's second attack will deal extra bonus damage and is partially converted to true damage.

W: Tactical Sweep - Camille gathers energy, then blasts it forward in a cone, dealing physical damage to all targets hit. Enemies caught in the outer half of the sweep will be greatly slowed and take additional damage based on their max HP, healing Camille in the process.

E (First Cast): Hookshot - Camille fires a hook shot in target direction; if she strikes a wall, she'll pull herself to it. She'll then have a brief window to cast Wall Dive

E (Second Cast): Wall Dive - Camille dashes in target direction, stopping at the first champion hit and stunning all enemies in the area. If Camille dashes towards a champion, the range is increased and she gets bonus attack speed.

R: Hextech Ultimatum - Camille leaps onto a targeted enemy champion, imprisoning them in a zone and knocking away their allies. While the ultimatum is active, the targeted enemy can't leave the area by any means. This arena deactivates on its own after a brief period (or if Camille leaves the zone prematurely). While in the zone, Camille's basic attacks deal additional magic damage.

So How Does Camille Play?

In lane, Camille plays similarly to Fiora or Riven, where she dives into do an aggressive combo, and then leave before her opponent can reply; or if she's lucky and gets enough damage in, goes for the all in.

She has several ways to both get in and out of an engagement because of Hookshot (E), and the slow on her Tactical Sweep (W).

In team fights, Camille is a relentless assassin who dives in and out of engagements, able to quickly pivot to new champions because of her Hookshot (E) and single out enemies who have a hard time replying damage because of her Adapted Defenses (Passive).

In this regard, she seems very similar to Ekko or Kha'Zix, who rely on precise timing to make coordinated attacks on isolated targets.

Though Camille is vulnerable because her shield only protects her from one type at a time, she still has a bit of defense, which is more than can be said for many fighter / assassins hybrids, and she also has a good heal on her Tactical Sweep (W).

There's no release date yet, but like all champions Camille, the Steel Shadow will head to the PBE, and then from there it's only a short incubation before you'll be slicing enemies up in Solo Queue.


Are you excited for Camille?


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