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Jeff Kaplan really wasn't lying when he said that the Overwatch team likes doing events. Blizzard is continuing with yet another event coming January 24, 2017. This marks the third event in four months after Halloween Terror in October and Winter Wonderland in December.

The main Overwatch Twitter account tweeted out a "save the date" message along with a new skin for ice Satan herself with a brand new look.

That skin is A-Mei-zing! We don't know if the skin is complete with its own animations or what it looks in game, but this could be the make up skin that Blizzard hinted at after the disappointment of her Winter Wonderland skin. Though many admitted the skin was really cool (heh), it didn't quite live up to the hefty price tag for acquiring it. Although, as an occasional Mei player, I think the skin is great!

While the upcoming holiday is usually known as "Chinese New Year" to most westerners, it is also celebrated in Korea as "Lunar New Year", which was all the more evident by the Korean Overwatch account tweeting out with a new skin for everyone's favorite progamer - D.Va.

This is the first new skin D.Va has received in quite a while -- her last skin was part of the Summer Games celebration in Summer of 2016. Given that she's #3 in terms of hero popularity, I think the Korean sensation is overdue for a makeover.

Since the event is so close, it's only a matter of time before the skins, emotes, sprays, and other cosmetics go to the PTR, so be sure to look out for that both here on NowLoading and on Blizzard official sites.

Are you excited for the 'Overwatch' Lunar New Year event?


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