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When Pokémon Go first launched last year, it was everywhere. Everyone, even people who didn't have a clue what Pokémon was, was playing it. Then, like all shiny new toys, people got bored and the number of active users dropped. And just like that, it seemed like everyone just kind of...stopped playing.

But attention, Pokémon Go players young and old, weekend warriors, and all-day-all-night'ers, those still playing and those who quit playing a long time ago: If the one thing that turned you away from the game was no Mewtwo, or you've been hanging in there waiting for the big kitty to show up, then wait no more. Silphroad redditors have started posting their exclusive raid invitations, and, yes, the Pokémon we've all been waiting for have finally arrived.

For the last few months, all the legendary beasts have been appearing, one at a time. Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos have been uno, dos, and tres, joined by Lugia. They were (or will be) followed by Raiku, Entei and Suicine over the next three months, and now, Niantic has finally come through on its Mewtwo promise. It may sound funny to everyone else, but diehard Pokémon Go'ers are now waiting anxiously for invitations to the raids.

Exclusive Raid Invitations Are Here

[Credit: Reddit]
[Credit: Reddit]

Debuting in Japan at the Yokohama event, Mewtwo is the still considered to be the strongest Pokémon by some fans. At the very least, it's one of the favorites. Shown above is an actual invitation sent to a player in Bellevue, Washington, through the app. Interestingly enough, the Water, Precious Water sculpture was also the site of the first United States Moltres raid back in July. Fire Pokémon? Water? Players appreciated the irony, trust me.

But how does it work, you ask? Details are still coming in, but the word on the street is you get an invitation, you have 24 hours to organize the raid (or raids), and then you'll have two hours to take down and capture Mewtwo. Only certain people will get the invitations, those who have completed a raid at the gym in the last few hours, days, or weeks. The exact timeframe is still a little fuzzy, but according to Redditor and Pokémon GO player broseph23, players will get the invitation through their app. They need to have the “push notifications” setting on if they want to see the notice without have the app running, and once they get it, the invitation will show up in their items bag and journal.

Dataminers are all over the app when Niantic pushes each update, scouring the gazillions of lines of code for clues on new features. They’ve discovered the base catch rate for Mewtwo will be 6%, compared to the 2%-3% for the other legendaries, meaning it will be a little easier to catch. Combine that with using a golden razzberry and an “excellent” curve ball throw, and you’ve got a pretty okay chance of catching it.

Get Started Catching ‘Em All Again

Now is the time to get back into the game if you got tired of it a long time ago. Or, if you’re still playing, keep raiding those gyms and hope and pray for an exclusive invitation. They’re in Washington and California right now, and no doubt will be making their way to your state soon!

I’ll close with some very good questions and very sage advice from some obviously very skilled Redditors:

[Credit: Reddit]
[Credit: Reddit]

Are you excited about the news? Still don’t care? Let me know in the comments!


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