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Microsoft's official press conference took place Sunday, kicking off an exciting week of video game news. The conference went for nearly two hours, with many incredible reveals spread throughout the afternoon.

Unlike previous years, Microsoft cut down on in-between time and focused largely on the games, highlighting 44 titles in total, 22 of which are exclusive to Xbox.

Oh, and Microsoft's Project Scorpio was officially revealed as a console called the Xbox One X. Releasing November 7th for $499, the Xbox One X sports a powerful graphics processor capable of supersampling anti-aliasing for games, HDR graphics, an Ultra HD blu-ray drive, and 4K support for both games and videos.

Xbox One and Xbox One X are also getting backwards capability for games published for the original Xbox, topping off an entirely stellar presentation.

But don't take my word for it. Here's how the gaming community responded to some of Microsoft's biggest reveals.

People Love The Xbox One X

[Source: Microsoft]
[Source: Microsoft]

The Xbox One X's name may not exactly roll off the tongue, but fans are excited about the console. Viewers thought the Xbox One X looked incredible, showing off the enhanced capabilities to render games at 60fps 4K without stutters or frame lags. Not to mention, the console's sleek look makes it a winner in many Xbox fans' eyes.

Even though the PlayStation 4 Pro had a headstart in the market in late 2016, conference viewers feel the Xbox One X provides a more high-end, sleek, and stable output compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Sure, the price is a bit high. But for players interested in 4K, who are more likely to overlook the steeper price to begin with, the Xbox One X is a killer choice.

Focusing On Game Exclusives Was A Great Idea

[Source: Square Enix]
[Source: Square Enix]

Turns out when you host an E3 press conference, people want to see one thing: games. Plenty of games.

Indeed, Microsoft showed off games, half of which were exclusives. The company hit the sweet spot between going overboard and under-delivering. Highlights include Crackdown, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and Assassin's Creed Origins.

Microsoft is introducing a pretty serious library for Xbox One X and Xbox One owners alike. Showing off dozens of games was a solid choice for Microsoft, giving them the opportunity to demo the new console and tease the coming year.

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Is A Huge Hit

[Source: Microsoft]
[Source: Microsoft]

Don't forget Microsoft's backwards compatibility announcement, giving new life to games for the original Xbox. For years, Microsoft fans have been eager to play some of the console's greatest exclusives, from Halo to Fable to Jet Set Radio Future. Now gamers are getting the chance to play through Xbox games that previously required the original console. If you're an old school Xbox fan, today is a great day indeed.

Oh, And Gamers Are Loving 'Anthem'

[Source: BioWare]
[Source: BioWare]

BioWare's Project Dylan has been in development for quite some time. During Microsoft's press conference EA officially unveiled the game as Anthem. As it turns out, Anthem is an MMO in which players explore an open world, working with their team to hunt down enemies and fulfill quests in a constantly changing environment. Anthem promises to mix BioWare's classic world-building charm with their newly-improved knack for combat. For many fans, that's huge news.

In particular, viewers are in love with the world BioWare has created. Running on the Frostbite engine, it looks gorgeous. Anthem is planned for 2018, but until then, gamers can hardly wait. Some are even considering it a Destiny killer, which could make the coming year ahead an interesting one for Bungie and BioWare.

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