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If Minecraft were a country, it would be the 25th largest country in the world based on its active users, or the 12th largest if based on total sales.

Minecraft's Twitter posted the latest sales figures, thanking all their players with some fun statistics. 55 million active players log into the game each month, and Minecraft has sold a whopping 122 million copies to date.

What can you expect from 122 million people? Minecraft tells us that:

  • 12 million hate Cilantro
  • 3.8 million are as tall as Hugh Jackman
  • 4.0 million are cat people
  • 4.8 million are dog people

As far as the active user base, if all 55 million players were to create a conga line, they could encircle the entire planet.

The numbers are up from last year when Microsoft announced 40 million monthly players and 100 million total sales for Minecraft. The sales account for Minecraft across PC editions (Windows and Mac) and console (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One), not to mention various mobile platforms as well. With its launch on the upcoming Nintendo Switch, you can expect that number to rise even higher.

How Does That Compare To Other Games?

Minecraft is the second best selling video game since its launch in 2009, under Tetris at 495 million. Tetris came out in 1984 so it has a bit of a leg up on the competition. Here's the top 5 best selling games across multiple platforms:

  • Tetris: 495 million
  • Minecraft: 122 million
  • Wii Sports: 83 million
  • Grand Theft Auto V: 75 million
  • Super Mario Brothers: 40 million

More copies of Minecraft have been sold than the Wii (102 million), Xbox 360 (84 million), and PlayStation 3 (over 84 million). It's also still above both the current Xbox One and PlayStation 4 combined, who were at an estimated 80 million units sold at the end of 2016. It doesn't look like the two competing consoles will beat Minecraft in 2017 either, with predictions putting them at 100 million total sales by the end of the year.

As far as monthly users, Minecraft handily beats all of Xbox Live: 55 million over Xbox's 47 million, which counts all users across Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. It falls just short of PlayStation though, which is estimated to be at 60 million per month across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

How Does That Compare To The World?

The Shire Minecraft server.
The Shire Minecraft server.

If Minecraft's monthly active players were a country, it would be the 25th largest in the world, displacing Tanzania. Minecraft would be larger than Spain (47 million), Argentina (44 million), Canada (36 million), and Australia (24 million).

If we go by total sales, Minecraft rockets up to number 12 in the world, displacing the Philippines (103 million) and putting it ahead of Vietnam (93 million), Germany (83 million), France (67 million), and the United Kingdom (65 million).

Players have already built an entire city, what more is a country? I think the users of Minecraft would be up to the challenge. All hail the Republic of Minecraft.

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