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Minecraft players have a love-hate relationship with the Jungle biome for a good reason. On one hand, Jungles are hard to escape, they can be confusing to navigate, and they're also dangerous to traverse. On the other hand, Creepers can't spawn in the Jungle, there's a ton of wood to grab, and Jungles are great for picking up cocoa beans, brown dye, melons, and melon seeds. So there's plenty of reasons to visit the Jungle, even if it isn't your personal favorite biome.

Interested in giving a Jungle seed a shot? We've picked out four of our top choices below, perfect for any Minecraft player looking to take a walk through one of the most challenging biomes to navigate in the game.

Before You Start

Jungle as far as the eye can see!
Jungle as far as the eye can see!

Remember, seeds vary per game, and results in one update or version will not necessarily lead to the same world in other editions. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, for instance, has its own distinct seeds that differ from Minecraft on PlayStation and Xbox. While seeds are occasionally interchangeable between versions, specific items, obstacles, and flora may vary. For that reason, we include the version edition alongside each seed, just to clarify which game works best with each seed.

Enormous Jungle Seed

Now this is what we call a Jungle's Jungle.
Now this is what we call a Jungle's Jungle.

Part of the fun of stumbling across a Jungle biome is just exploring the seed. And if you're looking for a lot of exploration, this Jungle seed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is perfect. The Jungle is enormous in this seed, giving players the opportunity to wander around searching for resources. Plus, this seed's Jungle is right at spawn too, so no need to search for it when you first pop into the world. Don't expect any diamonds, sadly.

  • Version: Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: 105004984

Jungle Temple Near Spawn Seed

Now that's what we call a Jungle Temple.
Now that's what we call a Jungle Temple.

This one is pretty cool. There's a Jungle Temple right near spawn, which is sure to feature some excellent loot to grab from chests inside the temple. There's also a dungeon to explore, definitely worth the trip. If you're into a treasure-based adventure inside a Jungle biome, definitely check out this seed for your 1.7+ Minecraft adventures.

  • Version: 1.7.10, 1.8+ Update
  • Seed: 3083175

Villages in the Jungle Seed

So many farms!
So many farms!

Looking for a village to explore in the Jungle? How about two villages? That's exactly what this seed provides.

In this 1.11 seed, there's two villages on each side of the Jungle. There's blacksmith chests there as well, and one of them includes diamonds. There's more diamonds inside the Jungle, as well as a Jungle Temple to check out and explore. Pretty awesome, no? Definitely take a look through this seed if you're on the search for a mixture of loot for survival as well as diamonds for crafting.

  • Version: 1.11 Update
  • Seed: 4938764645735369472

Eight Diamonds Seed

Now that's what I call a lot of diamonds, goodness.
Now that's what I call a lot of diamonds, goodness.

This seed is excellent for one reason: diamonds. In this seed, there's a temple with two chests to loot inside a Jungle. And inside one of those chests, there's eight diamonds to grab. That's a pretty big deal, as finding more than one diamond in a seed is normally pretty rare. With eight, that's enough to start crafting.

Keep in mind that this temple isn't right at spawn; you have to do some adventuring to get there. But the prospect of grabbing eight diamonds is pretty excellent to us either way, so definitely give this world a shot if you want to craft with diamonds early on.

  • Version: Update 1.11
  • Seed: -6619358986881430987

Those are all of our recommended Minecraft Jungle seeds. Have any recommendations? Share them in the comments below!


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