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Like the converging of two super-massive galactic entities, Minecraft and League of Legends need no describing, their influence pretty much exists within every corner of pop culture. So it's only natural that fans of the epic franchises would tinker away at carving some kind of crossover, and the best I've seen thus far hail out of the wilds of Minecraft.

Fancy embellishing your 'craft game with your favorite champions? Well look no further than this list!

21 Awesome League of Legends Skins For Minecraft

1. Yasuo

Fancy giving Yasuo a lasso and dragging him into your game?

2. Zed

Anyone who could be a master of shadows in this pretty brilliant red number is a hero in my book!

3. Project: Yasuo

Like Yasuo but way more futuristic, right?

4. Jinx

Don't let Jinx's sweet, pixelated demeanor fool you. She's still wholly terrifying!

5. Kindred

I love how this guy's skin looks like a ghastly version of Eve from Wall-E.

6. Jhin

Oh so that's what happened to Crossbones after Captain America: Civil War!

7. Xerath

Is this what happens when you cross a white walker with Iron Man?

8. Ahri

Ahri: the product of Wonder Woman and Miles Prower getting all steamy together.

9. Thresh

Man, I wish my head was comprised of an ethereal wisp of smoke.

10. Sona

Wonder how Sona would sound in a stoner rock band?

11. Pulsefire Ezreal

Raiden? Is that you?

12. Teemo

The fifth Ninja Turtle!

13. iBlitzcrank

Can this guy be my new Fallout 4 companion, please?

14. Muay Thai Lee Sin

Channelling Sagat, the greatest of Street Fighter II warriors.

15. Blotzcrink

It's clobberin' time!

16. Nocturne

Holy crap this guy is cool!

17. Tibbers

Best remembered from Red Dead Redemption's mighty fine undead DLC!

18. Rengar

If X-Men's Cable existed in a fantasy, medieval setting?

19. Lucian

Looking as badass in blocks as he does in...pixels?

20. Aatrox

This guy is too friggin' badass for his own good!

21. Rek Sai

Also, can we get this skin as some kind of one-piece, please? Dat purple tho...

What's your favorite Minecraft skin?

(Source: The Skindex)


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